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Rumor Mill of Thursday, 7 June 2012

Source: The Informer

Samuel George Is A Mole

-NPP Man Reveals

News Desk Report

“Whatever The Sun Fails To Reveal, The Earth Will Throw Out”

In fact, it’s based on the above-stated popular saying, that Samuel George Nettey, much as he tries in his infantile attempts to rubbish a piece written by the respectable Okyeame and published in last Wednesday 6th June, 2012 edition of the Informer, cannot hide his true identity.

Contrary to his proclamation on Radio Gold last Wednesday, during the news paper review segment of the Gold Power Drive that he hates the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), intelligence gathered by The Informer reveals otherwise.
According to this paper’s insider sources, Samuel George Nettey was not just an ordinary National Service person in the former Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama’s office, but a secret agent of the NPP.
A former co-worker, Manaf Ibrahim, who The Informer has been in-touch with, expressed shock at Samuel George’s denial of his involvement in the activities of the NPP at that top most level.
“In fact, he (Samuel George) said to NPP big shots in the former Vice President’s office that, even though his father is a staunch NDC member, who once served as a Diplomat to Nigeria under former President Rawlings, he is an NPP activist and could help tap classified information from the NDC camp, which could be of immense benefit to the NPP”, Ibrahim pointed out in a telephone conversation with this paper.
According to Manaf Ibrahim, Samuel George was a permanent staff at the former Vice President’s office, who was paid monthly salary and not allowance as he wants Ghanaians to believe.
“Samuel George, who has pledged his unflinching loyalty to the NPP, was then assigned the duty of coordinating photography on former Vice President, Aliu Mahama’s campaign trail “, Monaf further stated.
“My brother, even though I worked closely with this gentleman to campaign in six good regions for the former Vice President during the NPP flagbearership contest, in 2007, I never trusted him and feel very vindicated that today, it has been established that he is a spy”, he concludes.
The Editors Note
The Informer is not in to do anybody in, but seeks to reaffirm its credibility and also offer cogent advice that will inure to the benefit of the NDC government, especially when it comes to selecting and appointing stalwarts that are required to promote the interest of the party.