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Rumor Mill of Sunday, 16 September 2012

Source: The Trumpet Newspaper

Mahama Buys House And BMW X5 For Mistress In The UK

As a Nigerian who lived and worked in Ghana for 15 years I am privileged to have benefited from the warm hospitality of the Ghanaian people but i am deeply concerned about current events in the country. Ghana may have a new President but he may have to do more to match the character of the late President Professor John Evans Atta Mills who was a devout Christian and worshipped at the Synagogue Church of all Nations headed by Prophet Temitope Joshua, one of Africa’s premier evangelists.

The new President John Dramani Mahama is no saint at all, one of the richest playboys on the West African coast, he has a multicoloured larger than large life, from investments in big companies like Engineers and Planners run by his brother Ibrahim Mahama but actually owned by him to a majority stake in Star Oil fronted by one Alhassan. A major player in the Ghanaian oil industry, Mr Mahama is really a Mr Big who struck gold as Vice President of Ghana and has now struck platinum succeeding the late Mr mills as President without any opposition, even from his detractors in his own party such as former military strongman Jerry Rawlings.

Mr Mahama will need to curb his excessive playboy lifestyle if he is to succeed as Ghana’s President. He has to make an effort to tow the church going lifestyle of the late President .Given that Mr Mahama himself does not belong to any church and does not even go to church at all, he will need to appeal to Ghana’s conservative Christian population. How can he do this when he is investing in other women besides his wife?

Step forward Miss Melissa Agbenaza and Miss Constance De Heer, the secret mistressess of Mr John Mahama since he was a member of Parliament. These two beautiful women have stood by him through thick and thin.
Melissa Agbenaza who currently is studying for her Masters in Law at Chapman University in California, USA received 200,000 dollars for her 30th birthday this year which incidentally was on February 14th,Valentines Day. Constance De Heer who lives in the UK and runs a fashion and jewellery shop in london received a two bedroom house in an exclusive area of Reading, outside london and a BMW X5 as birthday gifts last year. A huge party was also held for her at the Dorchester Hotel in the UK, when President Mahama ,then as Vice President, visited the country with other government officials to meet the Ghanaian business community.

This wild extravagant lifestyle is a stark contrast to the humble pious lifestyle that the late President Mills wanted Ghanaians to lead. For a country that has severe challenges in providing electricity, jobs, good clean water and health facilities Mr Mahama will need to take time off swinging and be a leader for the country or he will be swallowed up by the dust of history.
After careful thought we believe it would be in the public interest to publish the pictures of Mr Mahama’s mistresses Constance De Heer and Melissa Agbenaza , the house purchased for Miss Constance De Heer and the BMW X5 and we have done so for consideration and reflection.

The integrity of african Leaders must never be in doubt if african countries are to make any progress.

Prince Kayode Lawal
The Trumpet Newspaper
Cleveland Way
London E1 4TR

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