Religion of Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Source: The Catalyst Newspaper

Fighting Ebola: Sierra Leone Gets Help From T. B. Joshua

…With 4,000 Bottles Of Anointing Water And $100,000

Prophet T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria has gone to the aid of the government and people of the Sierra Leone in their search for an end to the ravaging effect of the deadly Ebola disease, which is wreaking havoc mainly in three West African countries. This was done in response to an official request by the President of Sierra Leone, President Ernest Bai Koroma and his government.
A chartered cargo plane that cost the renowned prophet and his ‘partners’ from all over the world $50,000 and 4,000 bottles of Anointing Water, left Nigeria on Friday with its cargo and landed in Freetown, the capital city of Serra Leone in the early hours of Saturday.
Ask visitors to the SCOAN and viewers of Emmanuel TV, the church’s official mouthpiece, and they will tell you how, either by personal experience or watching thousands of people from all over the world give delightful testimonies about how they got miraculous solutions to all manner of physical and spiritual problems that had afflicted them, after ministering the Anointing Water, which was given to them free of charge by Prophet TB Joshua.
A cash sum of $50,000 has also been donated to the Sierra Leonean government by Prophet TB Joshua and his partners by way of humanitarian aid to those affected by the deadly disease. This makes it a total of $100,000 spent in cash by the prophet and his partners so far in tackling Ebola in Sierra Leon.
Prophet T. B. Joshua made this known while addressing visitors to the SCAON on Saturday at, what the church calls, the Prayer-Line where people who had come from different countries on the globe in search for spiritual solution to their problems were arranged for prayer, healing and deliverance.
Prophet Joshua who, during the Sunday August 3rd 2014 church service at the SCOAN, had announced to his congregation and telecast through Emmanuel TV to the world, his preparedness to send thousands of Anointing Water to countries hit by Ebola at the behest of the governments of those countries, said Africans must learn to solve their problems the African way, and that the habit of always waiting for help from other continents to solve problems in Africa is not the best.
He expressed displeasure at, what he postulated was, the Nigerian government’s panicky reaction to the situation on one side and the gloomy colouring of the issue by both the local and international media on the other side.
According to him, Nigeria’s main problem is insecurity resulting from activities of Boko Haram and that officialdom should desist from attempts to divert attention from the Boko Haram threat to Ebola.
The Man of God said Bako Haram has already damaged the name of Nigeria and that the image of the country is under repair. “Boko Haram is our main problem, not Ebola so the authorities should not try to divert attention from their problem of insecurity,” he said.
He expressed dismay about the decision by some African countries to close their borders by way of blocking citizens of neighbouring countries from entering and said this sends bad signals and defeats the purpose of African Unity.
“Let us come together and see the wound of others as our wound. Wound for one, wound for all. That is the definition of African Unity,” he said, adding that “…isolation and chastisement is the greatest disease.”
He commended Ghana for the way it has conducted itself in the wake of the Ebola threat, even though it is closer close to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, which are the worst hit Ebola countries in the West African sub-region.
“Let us not wait for the international community to solve our problems. They have their own problems. We can manage our affairs. We have independence, independence is freedom. For how long will you depend on the international community?” he pointed out, advising that Africa should desist from advertising its fears and learn to manage its challenges.
Prophet T. B. Joshua also identified poverty and hardship as the root cause of Ebola. He said it is the poor and helpless who are the ones at the mercy of Ebola, stressing that the deadly disease, which he described as an extension of HIV/AIDS, only chances upon the rich once in a while due to some circumstances.
He was optimistic that God’s power through the Anointing Water will set those held captive by Ebola free and they shall be healed.
Yesterday, Prophet T. B. Joshua again appealed to his congregation present at the Sunday service at the SCOAN and viewers of Emmanuel TV to donated monies to the affected countries to take care of the sick. He advised them to send their contributions to the embassies of the affected nations.
Guinea has announced that it is to close borders with Sierra Leone and Liberia in a desperate attempt to halt the continuing spread of the world’s worst outbreak of Ebola, as the death toll of the devastating Ebola epidemic nears 1,000 people. The disease holds a mortality rate of almost 50%.
Nigeria has become the third nation to declare a national state of emergency. So far, the incurable disease, which has spread through Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and now Nigeria has infected over 1,779 people.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan approved more than 1.9billion naira (£6.6million) to fight the disease.
Nigeria, which houses Africa's highest population, has already confirmed seven cases and two deaths.
The first death was that of a dual US-Liberian citizen, infected with Ebola, who landed in Lagos on a flight from Liberia, via Togo, on 20 July. The second was the nurse who tended to him.
Seven people suspected of contracting the disease are being investigated while another 139 Nigerian people are under surveillance.
On Friday, officials from the World Health Organisation admitted that it is struggling to cope with the growing epidemic it has labelled “an international health emergency.”