Religion of Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Source: GNA

Ghanaian Christian Lawyer launches an e-book

UK-based Ghanaian Christian Lawyer, Mrs Olawunmi Biriyok, has launched a new e-book named ‘The Fundamental Principles of Tithing’.

The book aims at guiding and teaching Christians where they should turn to for the right relationship with God, when churches fail to teach them the very basics of Christianity.

‘The Fundamental Principles of Tithing’ sheds more light on tithing and demystifies the act and Chapter by chapter; the book, aids believers and all truth seekers to comprehend the fundamental truth of what tithing truly is in detail.

And also, the biblical intent of tithing and its golden rule which goes ‘beyond what is learned and taught in regular Church attendance; thereby setting all free’.

A statement issued by the author and copied to Ghana News Agency in Accra said the book is plighted to eradicate self-condemnation, tithing bondage and hedges subconsciously built, around readers prayer lives; as a result of ‘self-judged’ or perceived guilt of, improper act of tithing.

According to Mrs. Biriyok, “Readers will learn a lot in a short time as this e-book packs plenty of value in its few pages and will transform readers immeasurably, “It is a must read and a valuable addition to every believer’s devotional library.”

Mrs. Biriyok holds a BSc. Degree in International Studies and an LLB Hons (Lon). She is a multi award-winning author of inspirational books including: “The Manual for Righteous living," “Walk the Walk and stop just talking the talk,” and “Run the Race.”

A Minister of the Gospel is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of One-2-Three Worthy Living and runs Personal Empowerment Ministry Sessions, a Christian empowerment ministry that empowers and help develop a unique personal relationship with God.

She is a captivating Conference Speaker on Christian values, Mentor to aspiring talents and Life Coach; she has shared the Word of God in the UK, US and Ghana.