Religion of Monday, 28 July 2014

Source: Abdul-Fatawu, Fuseini

Behold Ramadhan; A Great Friend Has Just Departed!

When you paid me the special visit 30days ago, I was very elated and therefore received you with open arms. I then imagined how I will be able to accommodate and keep you, but Alhamdulillah I was able to maintain you and satisfy some of your demands. Your demands on me were very high indeed but what care has a person in love to the high demands of his beloved! I knew it wasn’t infatuations so I made commitments and promises of how I will remain faithful and loyal to you in the event of your departure.
Sweet love, you’ll realize that ten days before your eventual departure, I started dragging my feet and was unable to keep to the high targets I set for myself. You then told me to remain calm and resolute for the best you said are always reserved for the persevering ones. You also told me how you’ll let me experience your side of your unique love in only one night! You equally told me that our Everlasting Creator gave you that night among many other bounties to show and display your love to me. You told me that that night will be enjoyable and pleasant to me than staying in this fleeting world for 83years. I never disputed with you because you, unlike me, never lied to me and never broke a promise you made to me.
To be sincere, I saw that night and I equally enjoyed it, only that….. Forgive my tears my dear, because even as I am writing, I’m still lost for words and in pain on my inability to make good use of that great opportunity. I was restless and consumed by my excessive love for this world and its affairs and therefore couldn’t express my love for you very well. I threw it away in heedlessness.
That notwithstanding my sweetheart, your departure has reminded me of certain valuable things I took for granted in your presence. I have now seen the need to display love to all humans irrespective of their tribe, creed or religion. I have also realized the relevance and significance of giving charity to others irrespective of the value of the item. You’ve made me to understand that there is love and brotherliness in the little things we always undermine. A single piece of date or a ten pesewa coin given as charity can be my passage to the Splendid Paradise created by Allah for the righteous. You have equally made me to see the beauty of forgiving others whilst at the same time eschewing lies, hatred, envy and betrayal among others. The values and gifts I acquired from you are so numerous that, this little insignificant piece can’t innumerate. You are a gift and a beauty that I can never find anywhere in this our grave called earth.
My dear Ramadhan, I know it from my heart that you’re also having some pains for departing from me. The sleepless nights we both had was something you numerous times told me you’ve enjoyed. Those were great nights that we used to supplicate to our Glorious Lord and also recite His Blessed Qur’an. The numerous Salaat and contemplations were great indeed! I know you’re yearning for more but it is also good that you’re destined to leave at this time.
Sweet Ramadhan, I have been wondering how you made us on the eve of your departure to feed the poor. With your Zakatul Fitr, the poor and the needy were able to feed on the day of the great feast. I was very happy and proud to realize that Allah the Generous used you to illuminate the world. The greedy and the miser upon your coming abandoned their greed and miserliness. The gossip and the slanderous for a while sealed their mouths. My beloved sisters who for a long time have taken their hijabs as an enemy and also as a tool of fashion finally went back to their roots, adoring and cherishing the hijab like never before. In your presence, they realized the beauty of modesty and decency.
Blessed Ramadhan, the most fascinating of all is the energetic youth. In fact they surprised us all. Whilst we thought we were enjoying our love alone, they made good use of your presence. Superbly throughout your stay with me, they didn’t only tighten their lips but they equally fastened their zips. They left our sisters alone. Before your arrival, when they told me they will remain chaste and pure throughout your stay, I doubted them. The youthful sisters were actually the most splendid. Not only were they modest and decent throughout your stay with me, they were equally helpful to the needs of the community. They slept little in the night. Praying to our Only Creator and cooking to feed us, the neighbours and the guests was their perpetual habit. What a great blessing was your coming to the youth.
Fantastic friend, I hope you’ve realized that your presence was a blessing to people you never expected. Despite difficulties, everybody did his/her best in your presence.
Astonishing gift from Allah the Majestic, the great questions then arises; now in your absence, how would I handle myself for this eleven lunar months till you come (that’s if only I’m alive and healthy)? Would I be able to be resolute and determined to worship our Sublime Sustainer till you return? Can I continuously be generous and helpful to the poor and needy till I see you? Would I be able to eschew lies, gossip, slander, backbiting and betrayal till we perhaps meet again? And most importantly among many others can I control my lust and illicit desires in the face of the massive moral corruption and decadence in our today’s society till I embrace you In sha Allah with open and proud arms?
My dear love, these are the few of the numerous questions that are in my mind and giving me sleepless nights. I know you did all you can and you equally trained me well but our enemy, Iblis is not a joke at all. He has promised to destabilize and totally destroy me. He has promised to take me to paths that I can never find my way back again and throw me down so that I can never rise again. I know fortitude and patience are key but these are no easy task in these trying times.
Sweet Ramadhan, I will end here and wish you safe journey to where you came from. Till we meet again, know that whatever good that comes from this piece is due to the blessings and mercy bestowed on me by Allah and as such all praises belongs to Him the Almighty alone. Equally know that all errors are totally mine and I pray to Allah the Forgiver to forgive me.
Sweet heart, as we part ways with tears in my eyes, I pray to Allah the All Knowing and All-Forgiving to accept our 30days fast and good deeds and forgive us our numerous uncountable sins. I pray to the Almighty Creator to make our hearts steadfast and firm in following His Light and make us one of those who will pass through the special gate, Rayyan. I pray to the Masterful Allah to unite our country and make us live in peace, harmony and togetherness. And finally may the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah the Exalted be on His Last and Final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, His Family, Companions and all those who follow the path of guidance till the Day of Judgement.
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