Religion of Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Source: GNA

MDCC asks media to ignore vile reports about the church

Revered Isaac K. Bagyina, General Secretary of Musama Disco Christo Church (MDCC) on Monday asked the media to ignore fear mongering reports from some dissident members of the church.

A statement he issued in Accra, said followers of the deposed leader of the church, have sought to confuse and scare away members of the church, who intend to patronise this year’s Annual Peace Festival in Mazano, the capital of MDCC, in the Central Region, using radio stations to broadcast false news that there is violence in the town.

“They use regular radio stations or hosts of radio programmes to put out false statements to the effect that violence has broken out at Mazano, the Headquarters of the church and the location for the peace festival. They go on to state that blood is flowing in Mazano so church members should not attend the festival.

“They may also buy advertising time, pose as authorised officials of the church and say that the peace festival has been postponed. “These persons have printed letter heads of the church, which they use to confuse radio stations and other organisations,” it said.

The statement pleaded with radio stations and other media organisations not to allow the use of their facilities by the followers of the ex-head of the church, who was defrocked in 2002 to disturb the peace of the church.

It said the MDCC was established in 1922 and over the years it has celebrated its annual peace festival at Mazano. The statement said the MDCC operates a constitution approved in 1958, which has a hierarchy.

Presently the Leader of the Church is Prophet Moknajeeba Jehu Appiah and his immediate lieutenants; the Senior Superintendent Ministers, Rev J.K. Bagyina, Rev P.E.K. Gaisie and the Senior Superintendent Prophet S.B. Ankumah. The statement asked who ever is dealing with the church to contact Rev Bagyna on 0208178145.