Religion of Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Source: Anim-Mensah, Alexander

Prayer mission to Israel - For economic intervention

While there are needs and wants; there is also time for everything hence Ghana’s mission of sending pastors to Israel to pray for Ghana for socio-economic intervention might be far fetch. Although, the thought process of Israel and other biblical areas around the gulf are perceived as epicenter for all religions (Christianity, Islam, and Jew etc), hence, believed prayer might be answered promptly from heaven, our own behavior and altitude might not yield the expected results. This is because we have not defined our priorities and have not oriented ourselves to receive.

The bible says if you diligently seek me you will find me as denoted by ASK (Ask, Search and Knock). Moreover, the bible went on to say be wise as a serpent. In addition, the hands that do not work will not prosper. So one may ask “what is work”? I believe 21st century definition of work is characterized by profitability and self-sustaining if one wants to advance; however, the reverse is prevalent in Africa where activities are not very profitability and self-sustaining. Most of the problems are well rooted in what we are used to, daily behaviors and attitude, and somehow our leadership. I believe governments in Africa are doing their best, however they need to sit back sometimes and determine the gaps for our going forward while burying party and tribal differences. MANNA will not fall if we do not consciously make efforts. I believe prayer works and heaven helps but you need to consciously prepare to receive while making efforts.

The Bible also states give unto Caesar Caesar’s and unto God God’s. What this phrase actually means is we should mitigate mechanical problem and needs with mechanical intervention and solve spiritual and emotional needs with spiritualism. So to pray for God to treat Ghana water bodies and route PVC and PE pipe lines into people’s houses to solve the water crises in Ghana is a wrong approach for solving this problem. This issue belongs to Caesar not God.

Israel as most Ghanaians might not know is the headquarters of world irrigation and probably water. Israel is located on desert plains but has turned the desert into fertile lands with extensive capability to make a desert bloom. The money that was set aside to sponsor the pilgrims (200 pastors) could have been used to recruit an Israelis company to come solve the water problems. A greater percentage of Ghana’s population is struggling with no clean water.

And the question is what is Ghana doing to solve these problems while the population is growing?-In my view MINIMUM to NOTHING. What is Ghana’s plan of solving some of the water problems in the next five (5) years? The basic necessity of life include air, water, food and shelter and any could destabilize lives to various extends. Is the situation of water, food and shelter getting better in Ghana? - The mission to Israel is the solution but need to be geared as such. Israel has more Irrigation Companies than the whole world combined. While Ghana water bodies are polluted everyday from our indiscriminate activities including mining. I believe no amount of prayer can clean the situation of inadequately and/or poor quality water, food and shelter.

The trip will be worthwhile if the intent is to go to Israel to learn of their ways for Ghana’s prosperity. In my view, the financial burden involved in governments mission to send pastors’ to Israel should be re-scoped and awarded as projects to Israel to solve some our pressing food (irrigation) and water issues. A lot more could be learned from Israel.

I believe Ghana should take notes of our pressing needs and prioritize them while we work diligently toward them. Even thought the gates of heaven is always open I believe issues such as building of infrastructure for water treatment, installation of commercial grade pipe lines to transport water from source to various destinations and the collection of utilities might be out of scope for God. What is in scope for God is blessing Ghana with easy access to numerous water bodies (Weija, Densu, Volta, etc.), providing abundance of precious minerals (Gold, Diamond, bauxite etc), not counting timber, good climate for year round plantation and now oil and natural gas.

Let appropriate funds cautiously with the consideration that there are many poor and less privileged among us. Let set goals and work toward them meticulously while including research and avoiding short cuts if we can in some cases. I believe policies and laws should address corruption and punish both poor and rich defaulters according but not biased. Additionally, if we love our neighbor as ourselves and institute good policies for universal benefit corruption and greed will be shunned. And above all, we should know categorically what belongs to God and what belong to Caesar.

God bless.

Alexander Anim-Mensah, PhD and Jackie Anim

Dayton Ohio