Religion of Friday, 29 March 2013

Source: Joy FM

Easter is a season of great hope - Rosa Whitaker

Easter and the resurrection of Christ should give us hope that every facet of our lives can be resurrected. The season should also be a reason to sacrifice for others, according to influential business leader Rosa Whitaker.

The international businesswoman, recently named by The Network Journal (TNJ) in Washington DC as one of the 25 Influential Black Women in Business of 2013, made the remarks on Joy FM's Super Morning Show, Good Friday.

"We should therefore look out and see how we can make other people’s life better, bearing in mind the tremendous sacrifice of Jesus for us because we did not merit it," she said.

In terms of relationship, Rosa said the season is an opportunity to know that all things are possible and that can apply to relationships that are suffering in one way or the other.

Speaking on tips to resurrect a dying business, the experienced leader in international business noted that her secret has been to “align that business with God’s purpose for your life, I believe that God will always bless what He can use, so if you have committed that business to God’s purpose for your life, then you will not have to worry about drought, the business will blossom”.

She also reiterated that purpose in life hinges on God’s assignment for individual lives, making reference to the Biblical text in Jeremiah chapter one verse five. The text speaks to God’s purpose and assignment for individual lives. “He is a deliberate and purposeful God” she noted.

Your success depends on “discovering what that assignment is; what God’s purpose for your life is and aligning with that. I think that is the problem with many”.

Rosa Whitaker, President and CEO of the Whitaker Group (TWG) and wife of the Archbishop of the Christian Action Faith Ministries, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, was also recognised during The Network Journal (TNJ’s) 15th Anniversary Awards Luncheon March, in New York City.

Ms. Whitaker who is credited with a host of successful US economic initiatives towards Africa,served as the first-ever Assistant US Trade Representative (USTR) for Africa during Presidents George W. Bush and William J. Clinton’s administrations