Religion of Monday, 4 March 2013

Source: Ofosu, Maurice Turnor

The destiny of the nation has changed

The General Overseer and founder of the Church of Rabbi Prophet Kwabena Tawiah say the misunderstanding of the 2012 general election has caused the blessings of 2013 for the nation to be changed.

The prophet said the dispute of the election has brought about divisions in the nation both physically and spiritually. He cited that there is division among the politicians, at the work places and even among the clergymen.

The prophet of God added that the rampant fire outbreaks across the length and breath of the nation are the evidence of disaster now and disaster to come.

He therefore called upon all the religious groups in the nation to come together to pray to God to have mercy upon the nation other than that, there will be more disasters even before the pronouncement of the supreme court ruling comes out.

The man of God went on to ask about the Peace Council and its leaders, he is challenging them to come out and hold a press conference about the way the country is going now. He said they are good at organizing press conferences so why are they hiding now that Ghanaians need them.

He also prophesied that in 2016, there is going to be a major fire outbreak in the whole of Africa and want Ghanaian leaders to start making arrangement towards this prophecy.

Finally he said, the Angels that the Lord has send to help the nation in 2013 are all holding on till the end of the court issue and he is entreating our leaders to beware that more atrocities are yet to come.