Religion of Friday, 7 December 2012

Source: Agbozo, Prof. Enoch Immanuel A.

O People Of Ghana, Look Up Unto God Not The EC

Rev. Prof. Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo

We write this piece of rejoinder in response to the EDITORIAL, Daily Graphic, Wednesday, December 5, 2012 headed “EC, GHANAIANS LOOK UP TO YOU”.
The Editorial to our mind seeks to assure of as well as plead with the Electoral Commission concerning confidence, trust and hope Ghanaians have placed in the EC. The Editorial ended nonetheless seeking assurance of TRUST and GOOD CONDUCT from Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan, Chairman, Commissioners and Staff of the EC on behalf of the electorate and nation of Ghana.
It is with the expressed hope for TRUST and GOOD CONDUCT from the Electoral Commission as a whole that we take issues and instead will call upon the entire nation and people of Ghana NOT TO PLACE their Confidence, Trust and Hope in the EC but upon JEHOVAH GOD the Creator of heaven and earth.
Apart from the usual challenges with TRUST and HOPE IN MAN, the truth is that it is the Most High God who has delivered and redeemed our nation from the negative forces of Satan and man, darkness, evil and wickedness which have kept Africa and oppressed peoples and the human race as a whole in chains. It is God who has shepherded and kept Ghana intact in PEACE, STABILITY and SECURITY and on the high seas of nationhood, and progressing democratic governance. Peace in Ghana and the relative peaceful elections are not so much the result of good, reliable and trust worthy state and national performance of the EC and other state and national institutions as the ABIDING and KEEPING HAND of GOD in the maintenance and defence of the integrity, stability and security and sovereignty of the nation.
Granted that the EC of Ghana has waded and waged through challenges and trepidations with electoral processes in Africa, gained much experience and chalked some reputation with peaceful elections in Africa, there is no gainsaying that the EC in Ghana has been subjected to barrages of abuse of power by governments mingled with afronts and manipulations of political parties, foreign external influence and the stark realities of corruption, collusion and impunity of commissioners, staff and agencies of the EC, not excluding challenges from security agencies, government functionaries, intimidation from violent machomen and vigilantes.
The EC has no force to defend herself except depend on the goodwill, humility, love of country and loyalty of the citizenry. The Editorial’s call for assurance of TRUST and GOOD CONDUCT from the EC may well have these challenges in the background. Essentially, however, it seeks to express HOPE THAT THE Electoral Commission herself will not fall for, yield and bow to the negative forces of corruption, collusion and intimidation and manipulation of vested interests and saboteurs of the advances and sovereignty, and the beauty of the heavenly destined glory of the nation.
In the light of human failings, institutional challenges and the spate of corruption, lies, falsehood and hypocrisy in the nation ONLY GOD CAN ENSURE PEACE, CREADIBILTY and INTERGRITY of the electoral process. Sinful, wicked and rebellious man is always at his devices. Blood is shed, lives and destinies are set ablaze, progress and prosperity and goodness of nations are circumvented, mortgaged and destroyed in many places in the lust of power, wealth and vain glory. WHO CAN SAVE GHANA from these satanic and human machinations and dastard works but God!
Meanwhile, we express the honest and rightful expectation that the EC will seek to ensure efficient, honest, righteous and loyal and proper performance of men and machines, the right and proper functioning of electronic gadgets and non-manipulative software. Governments and political parties that shed blood, invoke spirits, practice necromancy and consultation of the dead and ancestors have no place in the new era of ELECTORAL DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE and NO PART in the NEW GHANA under God.
Jehovah God is the Hope of Peace, Stability and Security, Progress and Prosperity of the nation. The EC needs Him to avert and overcome the challenges. We seize this opportunity to humbly request the EC Chairman Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan to write his memoirs on his activities, challenges and experience as Commissioner and Chairman of the Electoral Commission. It will be a useful tool, pool of information and guiding manual for the political parties, governments and citizenry of nations in Africa.
People of Ghana, let us pray for the Electoral Commission for God’s guidance and protection. Essentially, LET US PUT OUR TRUST and HOPE IN JEHOVAH GOD, not the Electoral Commission.
God Bless Ghana!

December 6, 2012