Religion of Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Source: Kofi Safo-Antw(iTHE SUN)

Theocracy Church Intercedes For Peaceful Elections

The Seventh Day Church of Theocracy last Friday held a three-hour intercessory prayer session at the Girl Guides Training Centre at Achimota, asking for divine intervention in the choice of the next President on the one hand, and copious mass of peace on the other to enable the nation go through Friday’s general elections. intercede
The theme for the intercessory prayer was INTERCESSION FOR 2012 ELECTION: MAY GOD CHOOSE OUR PRESIDENT and was attended by a large congregation mainly from the church.
Attended by a cross-section of the political divide too the Missionary president Apostle Kadmiel H.E. Agbalenyoh preached a thought-provoking sermon, quoting from both the Old and New Testament to showcase why divine intervention in the choice of Ghana’s next leader, is extremely needful.
He laid straight into the various positions held by the eight presidential aspirants and posed the insightful question: that even though the electorate has heard their messages no-one apart from Jehovah God knows what makes up the candidates’ hearts and minds.
Apostle Agbalenyoh sermonized that come what come may one of the eight would be elected into the high office of President and therefore, the candidates must endeavour to eschew all traces of arrogance, selfishness, corruption, high-handedness, hypocrisy and all other forms of negativity.
He wondered how else Ghana abounds in plenty yet lives virtually on the lap of poverty and prayed that, whoever is elected this time around would water down levels of tension in society to push forward viable programmes, so as to ensure that success is very much on the cards in very many of the sectors.
The chairman for the occasion Pastor Raphael Kafui who deputized for the Accra North Police Commander hammered on the elements of peace and stated that, minus the full compliment of the valuable trait the nation would cascade down the road of disunity and outright chaos.
Pastor Kafui recalled horrible scenes in several African countries and thought Ghanaians were never prepared to become refugees in yet another country, and so all segments of society must endeavour to live in peace in the truest sense of the word.
Also included in the programme was a 10 minute intercessory prayer for the entire nation and the contestants so that, only the best would be selected by Jehovah God to oversee the affairs of the nation, especially in such a time when economic trends point to Ghana’s need to catapult itself from a low ebb to a prosperous height.
When all the religious sermonizing was over and done with, political party members who answered to the invitation to address the congregants shot forwards to present brief words of hope, assurance and peace to the gathered assembly.
First to shoot from the blocks was Mrs Joyce Danpare, Women’s organizer of the local wing of the opposition NPP who got the crowd on its feet with a lively presentation that appeared to have sat well with everyone else.
Sweet Joyce told the gathered assembly that the concept of every idea ending on a positive note such as the FREE SHS CONCEPT was biblical in that, the Lord says in the bible that WITH GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. She continued that especially when it has to do with addressing the needs of the people, God was sure to sidestep the doubters to give the endeavour divine backing.
Mrs. Danpare pleaded with everyone assembled there to show a willingness to vote for the NPP presidential candidate Nana Akufo Addo, whom he referred to as a man of vision and big dreams and rather show the ruling NDC the door, for living through governance with impunity.
Next was the philosophical Ernest Afram, CPP Parliamentary candidate for Anyaa Sowutuom constituency who preached peace and the need for all to examine the potential and grace embedded in the individuals standing for elections nation wide.
He charged the electorate to go behind the ordinary rhetoric and pose questions by subjecting candidates to strict scrutiny to roll out their plans, and it is only by this process that the electorate could discover which of the lot merited being voted for.
Then was the turn of the thought-provoking CPP parliamentary candidate for Okaikoi North, Aisha Sulley Futah Gyampoh whose benevolent works in the provision of library, television sets for children’s rhyme studies and having 43 kids on scholarship, got the congregants clapping them selves hoarse.
Madam Gyampoh reiterated that the recent discovery of oil and the increased tax rates were pointers to the fact that, free SHS was possible and that under her tenure and that of a CPP government it will be re-visited.
Concluding, Aisha Sulley argued that the only way peace would rein would be the bold decision to vote the CPP into power, while negating both the NPP and NDC to the background.
There was a play to highlight the upcoming election where kids of the church displayed four political parties namely Ghana Freedom Party, Ghana Socialist Party, Ghana Development Party and the Ghana Reconciliation Party which won and was sworn in peacefully to symbolize the fact that only reconciliation in peace would salvage the country from sinking into the abyss of war. THE SUN