Religion of Monday, 22 October 2012

Source: Alfa, Abdur Rahman Shaban

Letter to he who ridiculed Prophet Mohammed

: N. Basseley Nakoula

Solitary Confinement Cell, California State Penitentiary, United States of America.

How are you? And I seek to know without any malice and sinister motives. Hard as it may seem, Mr. Basseley Nakoula please believe that myself and several other Muslims like me wish you are fine.

If for nothing at all, you single handedly succeeded in unleashing some blistering heat not only on the emotions of Muslims but in the long run, with dire consequences on other people who had little or nothing to do with your actions.

Yet, I wish to unreservedly apologize for the many threats and insults that you have suffered over the period. I ASSUREDLY inform you that the man you ridiculed and denigrated would never had given those people the go ahead to even protest at your film – despicable and demeaning as it was.

He [Mohammed’s] history is poignant when it comes to his level of tolerance and forbearance, he was verbally and even physically attacked but each time he exhibited magnificent restraint of himself and of his many followers, whose love, respect and deference for the man was absolute then, and more so NOW.

Nak, [hope you don’t mind if I address you as such] I would not mince words with your controversial piece of work, it was without doubt a misplaced and misguided provocative work veiled in creativity.

Before I proceed, I wish to give you some concrete assurances relative to all that’s been going on around you. The threats and violent protests were acts of overzealous Muslims who in the heat of your piece OVER REACTED in their protestations.

The man you ridiculed [Mohammed – may Allah exalt his mention] would never have instructed them to attack you, let alone the people you employed under deceptive arrangements to help your task. Sorry if I come across as harsh but Cindy Lee Garcia’s claims are the premise on which I seek to know from you the following.

a. How did a desert warrior/adventure movie turn into the blistering tirade you launched on Mohammed? b. On which literary background did you base your piece of work? c. Were you oblivious of the obvious reactions; given Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” and Westergaard’s 2006 cartoons? d. What if I may ask, did you seek to prove with your effort at denigrating someone else?

In the kind of world that we live, Nak; I am not surprised you had people to back you, there are always people ready so to do. Be they nations, institutions and individuals, and why shouldn’t they? But yourself can you put up any defense in the face of what’s been going on?

Nak, as I am sure you know [as a Coptic Christian] it would not sit well with you to have someone insult even the Coptic leader in Egypt let alone Jesus, have you by the way heard any Muslim seek to malign Jesus?

Trust me; the violent protests by my fellow Muslims was a mistake, not because you were right, but because you are simply not worth the trouble given what ‘baggage’ you bear even with the laws of the American state.

I would have joined a peaceful protest against your film, and also touted the virtues of the man you sought to project in such bigoted and unjustifiable light. The blinkered nature of your motives was just too glaring and left way too much to be desired.

I would use another opportunity to tell you more about the very humble, altruistic and towering personality called Mohammed – then perhaps you can redo a better film, ‘My Own Innocence.’

Most importantly, Nakoula I wish to invite you to Islam and by that just discard what played out in the aftermath of your film by way of violence and threats [for emphasis; they were UNJUSTIFIED OVER REACTIONS based on OVER ZEALOUSNESS of a few].

I pray for myself and for you, that the Almighty Allah in whose hands are all hearts, blesses you with Islam and with the light that Mohammed brought to mankind. When you eventually revert, trust me the name Mohammed would so very much fit you.

I sincerely wish you well wherever you find yourself. May the good Lord bless us all. Peace unto you my brother.


Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfa,

- Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfa Veritas Liberat - The Truth Shall Set You Free