Religion of Monday, 24 September 2012

Source: Mensah, Richard Obeng

How To Defeat Your Enemies

Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me. I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation- Psalms 119:98-99 (KJV).

The words adversary, enemy, and foe have one thing in common; opposition! However, these three words are strikingly different in meaning. Your adversary competes or fights against you; your enemy usually hates and desires to harm you; and your foe may be your adversary or your enemy. However, unlike adversary or enemy one does not usually know his foe. In other words, your foe is your flourishing adversary or enemy; flourishing because you are not aware of that person’s opposing schemes. Nevertheless, the weapon to defeat any of them is the same – divine wisdom! Divine wisdom will make you wiser than your enemies.
Enemies are always with us; it does not matter whether we have done wrong or not. The truth is that adversities or animosities also afflict the innocent, although they cannot conquer that person. Thus innocence neither prevents nor cures opposition. In fact good and righteous deeds attract more deadly enemies than wickedness. No wonder Satan and his cohorts greatly hate God and any persons who delight to serve and worship Him. Studies have shown that there are four principalities; eight powers; and one trillion demons on the organizational structure of the Dark kingdom, and all these forces seek to attack God’s kingdom on earth. The more wickedness a demon is able to wreak on earth; the higher that demon’s promotion in the demonic realm. This means that wickedness is the hallmark of enemies. People who are both prayerful and holy lives are their worst enemies, and their main targets.
It is impossible to enjoy any forms of blessings or victories without the real involvement of God. By God, you can run through countless and fiercest troops and leap over walls, even skyscrapers! Of course a person can attain success or victory outside God; but we ought to remember that that kind of success or victory is just a shadow! Real enemies usually do not waste their efforts in contesting or fighting against shadow success because it is a vapourized package. All that is needed to diffuse vapour is wind or heat, and almost everyday nature causes them to operate. Thus all that your real enemies need to do is to control the elemental forces of nature to operate against you. This explains why the devil and his cohorts always try to influence human affairs through the elements.
It therefore goes without saying that you need divine wisdom to defeat your enemies. Divine wisdom is the right application of the right knowledge. This kind of wisdom “is profitable,” in the words of Ecclesiastes 10:10, “to direct”. Thus the right knowledge profitably directs. The Bible contains the directions to deal with any kind of opposition. To understand these directions, you need to identify and meditate on a particular direction that deals with your opposition. You need however to pass God’s meekness test. “He guides the humble (meek) in what is right and teaches them his way” – Psalm 25:9(NIV). Humble people through Jesus Christ surrender their lives to God, the only wise Supreme Being. Besides, God is the only teacher of righteousness and holiness, both of which make a person invincible to all forms of opposition. Invincible persons meditate on God’s word always, and do them.
Richard Obeng Mensah, author of right your writing.