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Source: Paul Stephen, New York Times Square.

Presbyterian Moderator Offers Prophetic Warnings To Homosexuals

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana(PCG), Rt. Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey' s spiritual crusading fight against gays and lesbians reached such apex level in New York, Bronx Borough, when he appeared on "Volta Power Fm" to throw not only Biblical ethics proven points, but also traditional, cultural and social demands in sound human lifestyles. When the host of the program entitled "Alpha and Omega Gospel", Isaac Kofi Amissah interviewed the brave and dynamic Moderator, he did not mince words and hit home hard against the barbaric, taboo and sinful practice of homosexuality.

According to the Moderator, he dares anyone who can be bold enough to justify why men having affair with men and ladies sleeping with other ladies to come out and give reasons why homosexuality should be entertained in Ghana. "Moderator, there have been several talks and calls from Human Rights Activists, asking the Government of Ghana to give homosexuals their rights to do whatever they want to do. Do you think they deserve such rights?", Amissah asked. "Isaac, let me tell you this: Not all rights are helpful to society. We are Christians and thus we must stand up against practices which are not in principle with the concepts of God' s teachings or which contradicts the Bible", he offered.

The host, Amissah agreed with the Moderator and quoted from 1 Corinthians 10:23 "everything is permissible -but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible - but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good but the good of others". The calm and tough minded host said he is perturbed because there are thousands of Pastors and Churches in Ghana but only a few are bold to talk against and preach about homosexuality. "Moderator, what will you do if you happen to find a member of any of the Presbyterian Churches to be gay or lesbian?", Amissah asked. " I will approach such a person and counsel him or her and offer my help to make him or her change for the better to please God and feel comfortable to live in society. But if such a person does not repent after all such assistance, I will not hesitate to sack or give him the marching orders from the Church because if such a person is allowed to remain there, his immoral action could go a long way to affect other members of the church. "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable",- Leviticus 18:22 the Presbyterian Moderator quoted.

According to the affable man of God, homosexuality should not be entertained by any good thinker Christian. He added that he and his other pals Ministers of God will leave no stone unturned to make sure that such unpalatable practice does not gain root and fertile ground in Ghana. The man of God also talked seriously about Sodom and Gomorrah and quoted from Genesis chapters 18 and 19. Other quotations given are Matthew 11:20-24; and 1 Timothy 1:10. He said, he will keep on talking to educate homosexuals to help them transform their lives and repent. "When good people keep quiet, evil people take over society", he said. According to the Presbyterian hierarchy leader, he had a lot of lucrative employment offers in New York after he completed City University of New York(City College of New York) and Columbia University but he had to turn all such hefty dollars down and left New York for Ghana because he did not want his children to witness the sinful practice of "homosexuality" in New York. He warns homosexuals that if they do not repent, they will live to regret because they themselves are aware that it is improper, satanic, evil, destructive and make them sad always. "Is it not shameful that men like gays are using pampers and diapers meant for children?", he asked. "They are warned to repent because God strongly dislikes such acts and God will not hesitate to punish them if they do not repent", he said.

Nonetheless, he added that apart from the Christianity religion which strongly abhors the sinful act of homosexuality, all other religious bodies do not give any green light to the practice of homosexuality. He mentioned that our brothers and sisters Moslems, Buddhists, fetish priests and others do not support a man sleeping with another man or a woman having an affair with another woman. Such answers made the interviewer or the host elated especially, when the Moderator added that he will take a bolder and decisive decision with all Presbyterian Ministers of God to disregard and stop having any prudent activities with any Church that will hide to trade with homosexuals during their upcoming Delegation Conference in August.

The host of the program also touched on the preaching methods and timings in the Presbyterian Churches. According to him, many preachers and pastor become tensed as soon as they mount the pulpit of God due to the fact that at times, one has to either bargain or plead for time. "Moderator, many Christians do not do anything for God. They do not call their Pastors to see how they are doing. They do not visit the sick, bedridden, the poor, orphans, widow, widowers, prisoners or homeless. And above all, people seem to dictate the time to preachers. "Moderator, do preachers have to negotiate for time before preaching and do you think Christians really know why they go to Church?", Amissah asked. At his juncture, the Moderator paused for a while. "I recently went to preach in one of the Presbyterian Churches and the same issue happened to me. The moment I mounted the pulpit, a Session Member(a Church elder) came to me and whispered into my ear to surprise them with a shorter preaching. Meaning he was indirectly telling me that anytime I preach, I spend too much time. I turned to him and told him to get away from me, you devil", the skillful and dynamic Moderator emphasized.

"Every preacher must walk by the Holy Spirit . If we preach with the Holy Spirit, things will change in our homes, working places, churches and in Ghana", he said. He added that all preachers must prepare fervently before they preach. According to him, fasting, praying and living live worthy of emulation are all key ingredients Christians look for or deduce from preachers.

When Amissah touched on the remunerations of Catechists, Pastors and Moderators such as salaries, it took the Moderator an ample time, and with the mind of sobriety before he answered. "Are you delighted with the salary of our men of God, including yourself? "It is sad. Very sad. At times, I am left with a scanty $10 after all I give out", he replied. He gave out this answer after the host of the radio program had told him that his personal research and investigations reveal that there are certain Bishops, Arch Bishops, and Moderators whose salaries are as scanty as $50 a month. The man of God agreed with him. "Does it mean that our Churches are poor?" "Is Presbyterian Church Head Office poor?", Amissah asked. "No. we are not poor", he replied. The host kindly appealed to Presbyterian Administrators, Session Members, Planning Committees, Strategic Committees, and all that matter to pay our men of God well and take good care of them to make the profession of God very attractive for the youth and upcoming ones join the noble and the best profession on earth.

"Should a man of God be allowed to practice active politics?", the host asked. "Churches have many people whose political affiliations are different and so I think it will not be proper as a pastor to practice active politics. However a pastor can resign and take into active politics. And I will encourage Christians who are interested in politics to go into politics to help clean the mess. Ghanaian electorates should vote wisely to elect a good leader who can help unite, transform and develop the country. Ghanaians should vote for a leader who is visionary, thoughtful and able to unite and control his own party. If you are able to control your own party members, it means that you can control and govern your nation", the Presbyterian Moderator Rt. Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey responded.

Added to the above, the host said, he is greatly worried due to the fact that there are many Ghanaian parents abroad who do not have ample time for their children and thus the children having gangsters, tattoos, and unwanted dressing styles, which is either below their waists(for boys) and ladies exposing themselves in their attires. "What should Ghanaian parents living abroad do to keep a watchful eye on their children?", the host asked. "Living abroad is very difficult. Some of the parents have two or three jobs due to the fact that there are so many bills to pay abroad. Again, you Ghanaians living abroad send money home to your family members in Ghana to help their daily lives so staying abroad is not a joke. But I am appealing to Ghanaian youth to fear God. They should go to Church and they must remember to dress well because it is part of our culture. Dressing alone tells or defines who a person is in society. And I am kindly asking Ghanaian parents abroad not to neglect, sell or exchange their children for job or money. They should always keep eagle eye on their children because the youth are assets and future Ghana leaders", he concluded.

The Presbyterian Moderator urged Ghanaians living abroad to remember their nation Ghana and must always come home to help the developing footage of Ghana. "America does not need you, Ghana does. Europe does not need you, Ghana does so Ghanaians living abroad should not always remember Ghana", he finalized.

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Written by Paul Stephen, N.Y.