Religion of Monday, 8 February 2010

Source: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.

Be Still, Lonely Ghana

Bro. Enoch Immanuel Amanor Agbozo

PRAISE THE LORD, People of Ghana. Peace be unto you!

We write in the name of the Most High God to assure “Lonely Ghana” that BE STILL AND KNOW THAT YOUR GOD JEHOVAH IS THERE! That He reigns and rules in the affairs of men. THAT HE WILL NOT FORSAKE YOU. THERE IS HOPE FOR GHANA. Amen!

Thanks be to God a new year has begun. We expect great events, great happenings, great shakings in a typical Divine interventional fashion to deliver Ghana from the forces of evil and wickedness, distraction and retraction, obstruction and destruction of the nation’s march forward towards the fullness of glory as BLESSED CHOSEN NATION and PEOPLE, REDEEMED, MARRIED and MADE HOLY UNTO GOD, STAR of AFRICA.

God has given Ghana a new name. Ghana now described as BEULAH LAND, implying a nation married by God (Isaiah 62: 3-5) has been given the new name, THE NEW JERUSALEM by the Almighty Jehovah. Ghana now stands as A STAR NATION, PEOPLE and GOVERNMENT of GOD and HIS KINGDOM ORDER of Peace, Righteousness, Justice and Joy, and under the Hand, Law, Light and Way of God in Africa and the World (Is. 2: 1-5).

That is to say there is a new Ghana of a new spiritual, political and social standing far different from the old spiritual, political and cultural order of Satan and man alliance made up of idolatory, false gods and deities, blood sacrifices, wickedness, sorcery and witchcraft, demonism and elemental spirits of darkness, backwardness and poverty. The old Satan-man order has given way to a new heavenly Divine order. The Kingdom of God has come. Hallelujah!

The New Ghana era, which began in 1995, came into full view as an accomplished reality in Year 2005. Ghana ascended a high pedestal of Divine glory and aura in the hand of the Most High God through the hightened nation-wide spread of the worship and glory of the only one God through faith in Jesus Christ, Saviour, Redeemer and King of Glory.

To be sure, the Lord Jesus Christ worked hard and fought relentlessly with determination and holy zeal with His Church and the entire people of Ghana to defeat and uproot the satanic forces and allies in the country. Ghana has since been declared free and secure from the Satan-man alliance in the exploitation, oppression and wicked control of the people, resources and affairs of the country as a whole. The Jubilee Year witnessed the mounted glory of Divine intervention to overthrow the old order, redeem and bring Ghana back into the Kingdom of God and establish a New Ghana, Beulah Land, The New Jerusalem. Amen!

Unfortunately, instead of the Church and People of Ghana marching in understanding, harmony and unity to consolidate the Divine Hand and Glory of the New Ghana, Election 2008 rather led to division, diffusion and split in forces and consequent abandonment of the New Ghana vision.

The Mills Administration came on stream with the idea of BETTER GHANA, with no clearly defined spiritual, political and social order. There has since emerged attempts not only to turn the country back to the old Satanic, idolatorous, blood sacrifice and wicked devices in the spiritual and political spheres. There is now a mixture of Satanism, false religion and thus non-clearly defined religious standing of the country. The Better Ghana agenda is neither Christian, Islam, nor of traditional religion with its fetishism and open worship of deities, gods and goddesses, etc. etc. Indeed the social democratic Better Ghana agenda is neither Christian, religious nor secular.

There is no clearly defined spiritual and religious path and moral conduct in an otherwise Chosen, Redeemed, Married Nation and People made holy unto God and set apart as model and star God Kingdom glory nation in Africa and the world.

There is in fact spiritual and religious confusion in the land. There is open and unashamed confession, consultation and resort to Satanic power of gods of the sea, rivers and lagoons, the forests, stones, hills and mountains in the new craze for power, position and money, affluence and influence in politics and government, in business, the professions and public services, and even in the church. The philosophies and ideologies in politics and governance, the theories and doctrines guiding conduct in society, all on the whole reject God, the knowledge of Him, His laws, way and counsel on righteousness, peace and justice, honour and moral conduct. Accordingly, truth and honesty are gradually evaporating in education, governance and conduct, private and public.

That is to say, the “Better Ghana” agenda instead of advancing the DIVINE NEW GHANA vision and consolidating the nation’s spiritual and religious, political, economic and social gains is rather throwing the country back into SPIRITUAL DARKNESS, RELIGIOUS CONFUSION, MORAL and SOCIAL DECLINE and CULTURAL DEGENERATION.

Indeed, there has arisen the old order of idolatorous, violent and wicked, unrighteous and unjust pursuit of personal and group interest, political party and ethnic agenda, private business and social order without any clear sense of the knowledge of God and the demands of conscience, unity and social cohesion. There is neither knowledge and fear of God, the hand, blessedness and joy of Him God nor of the need for righteous, honest and loyal pursuit of life, gain and happiness.

There is in this regard, a very sad development in the church from where is expected Truth, Light, Knowledge, Law, Way and Counsel of God and deliverance for people and nation……….. There have arisen some so-called apostles and prophets, bishops and pastors whose agenda are no more than the pursuit of power, money and gain, wealth, affluence, fame and vain glory. Their modus operandi is hooking people with false religion, with empty religious jargons and doctrines of devils, false alarms about satanic power laced with sensual music and vain promises of miracles, success, breakthroughs and power against phantoms, ghosts and witches. There is simply put false salvation message in many places.

The practioners of falsehood, lies and flattery in the church have their counterpart in academia, politics and the professions such as parade the corridors of power with all sorts of degrees, spiritual power, philosophical and ideological jargons and learning, most of which REJECT GOD, the Knowledge of Him, His will, law and counsel in the affairs of men and nations.

These Satan-man, idolatorous and wicked forces in the country have by their lies and wicked works hoodwinked many credulous Ghanaians to desert their love of God and country. They have corrupted the spiritual blessing and political, economic and moral gains of the New Ghana into negative pursuit of religious and political power through the worship of false gods and money, power and wealth, material comfort and physical pleasure. The evidence is all over the place – drinking bars, funerals and religious gatherings, in family, tribal, chieftaincy and political party feuds. There is turmoil everywhere!

The Truth, Peace, Righteousness, Justice and Joy of the God Kingdom order of the NEW GHANA, BEULAH, THE NEW JERUSALEM is now being side-stepped for spurious political and economic power, financial and material gain symptomatic of the allied Satan-Man world and kingdom order. The spiritual, religious and political power game are altogether confusing the Better Ghana agenda. It now seems that power, gain and fame are being vigorously pursued with idolatorous, ethnic, ideological and corrupt alliances, violent and wicked devices, blood sacrifices of diverse nature.

It is this new order of Satan-man alliance of unrighteous, unjust and wicked devices, uncertain political and economic security, and social decline that has made the soul of GHANA SO LONELY, and the nation an uncertain place to live in for millions.

In fact, the government of the day does not seem ready to clearly direct the nation on the spiritual, religious and political path for the God Chosen, Redeemed and Married Ghana. Not only that, many nations are waiting to see the CRACK OF GHANA. But God forbid. It will never happen. The God of Ghana reigns. Hallelujah!

This is why the Spirit of the Lord has come upon the servant of God to tell nation and people, BE STILL, LONELY GHANA, YOUR GOD, OUR GOD REIGNS. BEHOLD HIS deliverance is in His wings. He soon comes. Put your trust in God.

Ghana is free. Ghana will remain free. Hallelujah!

January 18, 2010


America the Land of Liberty is in distress on the high seas of both domestic and global economy. The Obama Administration is struggling for coherence, relevance and above all purposeful performance to arrest the situation. It is with this in mind, we believe that the Spirit of God led us to write to alert America and the world at the beginning that President Obama will fail.

The truth in this direction is not only that President Obama assumed office when America was already in the twilight zone of power and glory. President George Bush’s regime had already spelt the knell. Only special Divine resurrection spirit, wisdom and power that raise the dead, inspire and energize the human spirit and direct human efforts in strategic ways can save America from the imminent fall.

Unfortunately, Obama came into office not by acknowledging and honouring the God of America, His Truth and Will for America but by the old political wranglings both within the Democratic Party and the nation at large. The old time political wrangling that diffuse, disintegrate and scatter the solid front and position of leaders and parties had struck deep into the Democratic Party through learnings within the Democratic Party and the US media during the presidential nomination race. Obama became a beneficiary of the political wrangling. He brought nothing new to Washington save his skin, his oratory to some extent, and if you may the open hand in the glove politics within the Democratic Party. Already, the alliance between Democratic kingmakers and media gurus has almost broken down. Mr. Obama is on the whole now left on his own to face the media and the party on one part, and the nation and the world on another.

It is here that President Obama has been thrown to the wall. The fundamental question at stake now is how to change America’s general rejection of God, His will, law, light and way, the worship and knowledge of Him so as to court Divine mercy, intervention and spirit to avert America’s imminent fall in power and glory. There is also another issue, what policy measures to take in the face of economic failure and political disarray without compromising on America’s time-standing imperialist world dominating super power stance, structures and all. Obama is fighting a losing battle against God and against time. Demands at home and abroad are to say the least overwhelming. It is unfortunate in this direction that the Church in America has fully bought into and adopted the America’s superpower global economic and imperialist political agenda. The church has indeed become a virtual partner and active agent in the pursuit of America’s global economic and political interests. Intercession for America seems to be very weak. The Voice of God no doubt is seriously missing in America’s politics and national order. It may be assumed here that, many a minister in the church in Third world countries such as Ghana have also become hirelings and unwitting partners for America’s global political and economic ventures. They do not seem to care that America herself has deserted the banner “IN GOD WE TRUST.” That America’s imperialist superpower global enterprise is sending millions to the grave without God and without hope around the globe. Indeed, many are cursing Jesus Christ and damning the Christian Faith meanwhile because America gives the deceitful impression that it is a christian nation. But the truth is that America has rejected JEHOVAH GOD the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, many years ago. Secular America has no room for God and Christ at the gates and in the courts of power! We end by re-echoing the Christmas message the Spirit of the Lord led us to declare namely, THAT AMERICA HAS REACHED THE END OF THE JOURNEY. The die is cast. Her power and glory as a superpower has come to an end. It will end in Afghanistan, as was the case with Russia of the Soviet Union. Already, Obama is caught in the web. America’s pretence standing as GOD and SUPREME POWER whose voice, bidding and control keep the world political economy going is flat out. America has the option TO REPENT and GO BACK TO HER GOD, abandon the imperialist superpower global stance and re-build herself on the foundation of IN GOD WE TRUST, acknowledging God and the worship, knowledge and honour of Him as God of America. She will have to rebuild the gates and walls of peace, righteousness and justice, freedom and liberty, joy and hope in the truth, protection and abiding Hand of the Almighty. Economic power and military might are but stubble before God Almighty. (Psalm. 33: 10-19; Isaiah. 2: 7-12) In this regard, may we warn that woe betides Ghana if she turns away to Satan and the gods of old, the human philosophies, ideologies and social order based on the rejection of God and the knowledge of Him, where blood sacrifices, silver and gold, metal and mortar, machines and military ware are the hall marks of development and progress, beauty and glory. On the other hand, Ghana cannot run away from America only to turn to China! There is more to life than food, shelter and clothing, academic degrees and professional skills, castles, palaces and domes. Life is spirit. It must be lived in the knowledge and fear, trust and obedience of God, who is the source and father of spirits, the virtues of creation, the wisdom behind natural forces and power holding natural order in balance. This is the basic of peace, righteousness, justice and joy, liberty and hope, progress and glory. “And this is life eternal, that they might know Thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom Thou has sent. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance. Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” (John 17: 3; Psalm. 33: 12; Proverbs. 14: 34; Psalm. 127:1 KJV)

January 21, 2010


This is an open letter to ministers of the Church and leadership in society, nations and the world.

I write as an apostle-prophet of Jesus Christ and the Father to the church, nations and the world. Accordingly, we dedicate the article to Jesus Christ, the Reconciler, Saviour and Redeemer and King and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth who has taught our hands and equipped us for war. To the Triune God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be power, dominion, majesty and glory now and forever more. Amen!

Now, we write on a concept familiar in the Church, SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS as put forth by the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul. (Eph. 6: 12)

The Spirit has revealed that there is spiritual wickedness obtaining in high places, that is in heavenly supernatural spheres affecting and dominating the human estate, human society and world order as a whole.

It is this state of affairs that Christ Jesus has come not only to deliver the world and put an end thereof but also to set captives free, open prison doors and destroy the works of the devil. In that respect, the Church of Christ has been raised and equipped as AN ARMY for the Most High God for the wars connected with Christ Human Redemption and Kingdom Missions in the world.

In this open letter we are taking liberty of the teachings of scriptures and the special leading of the Holy Spirit to declare that THERE IS SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS OF A DUAL NATURE IN THE CHURCH which is otherwise expected to be the army of the Lord and instrument of change in the spiritual and social order of the world.

Apart from the issues of sin with which the church is battling, there have erupted wings of the church with ministers engaged in the employment of Satanic powers, deception and wicked devices to rob, exploit, oppress and subject worshippers and seekers of God unto the worship of Satan, false salvation and false hope.

Not only that, there is a growing belief in and resort to purely human spirit and mind power or simply put human knowledge and hope in natural order of fallen man and creation. These are but graven images which promote false sense of security and hope in nature and not in God. They have a form of godliness but deny Christ the source of power, righteousness, salvation, sanctification and redemption. ( 2nd Timothy 3: 5; 1st Corinthians 1: 21-31; 2: 4-10) We declare this phenomenon also as spiritual wickedness in low places of human power, nature and natural order in general.

We conclude that there is spiritual wickedness of both supernatural and natural nature in the church. This has weakened the thrust of the Gospel and Faith in Christ and the Christ Human Redemption and Kingdom missions in the world and hope in God in general.

In the church to-day, we have three forces perpetuating wickedness. First, there are ministers and organised churches that operate with power of fallen angels of the Luciferan host, familiar spirits and demonic power from dwarfs, mermaids, spirits in the forests, mountains and hills, waters and sea, and who subject peoples to all kinds of deception and seduction, false salvation and so-called miracles, success plans and winning ways, in short, exploitation, extortion and oppression.

Among these are so-called apostles, prophets, bishops and pastors who ply their trade of seduction and deception, lies and flattery, exploitation and mischief with high-sounding spiritual jargons and claims of anointing, authority and power. Their claims of healing and deliverance, miracles and power are supported by orchestrated demos, hirelings and games of chance such as is practised by gamblers and lottery operators who exploit the marginalised and poor, the weak, needy and credulous. The young with high aspirations and ambitions follow such false prophets and false teachers with childlike glee everywhere.

They draw crowds of both high and low, rich and poor, educated and not so well educated into their web of seduction, deception and exploitation, with their high-sounding claims, sensuous music and empty promises.

Let us consider a few pet sayings with this class of ministers – “Expect your miracle”, “I prophesy over you”, “I can see you taking delivery of your car at the port”, “I can see millionaires rising up.”

Such sayings of lies, flattery and seduction draw clamorous shouts, rush to the altar with seed money, etc. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW ON THE HOOK LINE.

There is another group whose stock in trade is specialty in anointing and power, healing and deliverance, miracles and salvation, and concerns with the issues of life and living conditions, such as with food, shelter, clothing and the good life, marriage, business, success and promotion common with pagans. (Matt. 6: 25-34)

Of this group, there are some so occupied with position and power, progress, prosperity, wealth and fame, human vanity and earthly glory that they are even falsely and wickedly interpreting the pursuit of earthly gain and glory as being the fulfillment of Christ’s government and kingdom order, His dominion, reign and rule on earth as taught in the scripture. (Matt. 6: 33; Is. 9: 6-7; Rev. 11: 15)

Again, there is yet another group of ministers engaged in the corruption and prostitution of the power of the word of God and the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Divine power and church authority for the pursuit of private, personal and group advantage and gain, and not the Holy Heavenly Vision and Mission of Jesus Christ and the Triune God. Many in this group of ministers have turned the church and the Christian faith at best into religion and social do good mission. Some have turned their churches/fellowships into cults. Others are just enjoying the abuse and prostitution of the word and power of God, the corruption and diversion of the power and glory of God and His Christ unto men, human wisdom and earthly gain and glory. But all this says the preacher is vanity upon vanity.

Thus, like the game of politics, business and human pursuit in general, the church and the faith are being undermined and plundered by spiritual wickedness in high and low places, by the diversion and prostitution of Divine heavenly supernatural power for earthly gains as by the employment of Satanic/demonic supernatural power to seduce and deceive, exploit and oppress even people seeking to find, know and worship God.

All are engaged in the pursuit of earthly gain and vanity, and the promotion of world order of abomination and condemnation and not Christ human redemption cause nor the God Kingdom order on earth mission for which the church was set in place. (Matt. 16: 16-19; Lk. 10: 18-22)

Christ is being crucified afresh daily by church ministers who are espousing human knowledge and attainments, earthly gain and glory and Satanic power and control of peoples and nations and the world far above the Triune God’s vision and the truth in Christ appearance and His (messianic) kingdom mission for peoples and nations, creation, the world and the entire universe.

It is spiritual wickedness to seduce and deceive, to rob and loot the oppressed, weak and needy, and to condemn the suffering, genuine seekers and worshippers of God to falsehood, lies and flattery like as politicians, the leaders in nations and the global political economy do in pursuit of power, position and gain, wealth, fame and earthly glory.

In Part II, we shall attempt the spiritual wickedness in politics, governance, economic and social order in the world.