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Religion of Monday, 23 August 2010


The Superior Atheist On Ghanaweb


Anyone who has had occasion to dialogue with an atheist has likely observed an air of superiority in his opponent. The atheist tends to look down with arrogant pity on Christians as poor deluded children who need to be delivered from their misery. I wonder why atheists act this way. Observing an atheist may lead one to conclude the following:

Because he( the atheist) believes what the majority rejects, he feels superior to the great host of believers. Because many intellectuals are unbelievers, he thinks that by identifying with them, it will make him an intellectual. He overlooks the millions of intellectuals who were and are devout Christians. *Because Christians believe they were created by a SUPERIOR BEING( Gen 1:26-31), to whom they are indebted, the atheist rejects their message. He thinks he was not created by anyone. He is the consequence of a cosmic accident that resulted in a protein molecule. Millions of years later, his ancestors crawled out of the muddy water as some slimy primitive form of life and after a few more million years, they grew fur and became monkey-like creatures. A million or more years later, they emerged , primitive, pitiful creatures, part animal and part human. For that, he feels superior to those who think that GOD made them in HIS image and gave them dominion over HIS Creation (GEN 1:28).

*Because Christianity appeals to the poor, the humble and downtrodden(Note: It also appeals to the educated and powerful), he does not want to be identified with those lowly groups. His peers in atheism imagine themselves to be the superior cast of humanity.

*Because Christians are expected to live a life of self denial( Matthew 16:24), the atheist rejects it, preferring to be counted among those who can do whatever they wish to do. Christians are to live in subjection to CHRIST and obey HIS will in all things (HEB 5:9, 1JOHN 5:14), the atheist rejects Christianity. He wants to be his own Master and not accountable to anyone or anything above him. But he forgets that in his everyday life he is to obey laws written by people who occupy position above him. Most of those law- makers he will never see. * Because Christians think and talk much about the joys of heaven and life beyond this present existence (JOHN 14:1-3), the atheist rejects their faith. He wants all his joys and pleasures now. He has difficulty imagining an existence beyond planet earth, but he can easily believe in life on other planets such as Mars, etc.

*Because Christianity has much to say about a day of Judgment when all will have to answer for their conduct in this life (2 CORITH 5:10), the atheist rejects it. He and his fellow atheists prefer to live their lives with no thought of being held accountable. That would take much of the joy out of the atheist’s lifestyle.

*Because Christians believe in a HELL where the wicked, including unbelievers, will spend their eternity (REV 21:8), atheists reject their religion. Atheists don’t like to hear about, think about, or worry about Hell. By denying it, they feel superior to those poor Christians who are careful to avoid going to such a place. Did you hear about the pig who imagined he could fly ?. He looked down with pity on all the other pigs in the lot. They could not fly. He bragged about his superior position as a flying pig. He scorned the company of his neighbor pigs who wallowed in the mud. He told romantic stories about his superior talent and the suffering he endured because the other pigs could not see his wings. Finally, when cold weather arrived, the farmer set the day for slaughtering his pigs. Amazingly, the superior pig did not escape by flying away. He was as helpless as all the rest of the pigs. He ended up in some cook’s frying pan. Proud atheists are not much different from the pig who thought he could fly. Stay tuned. The next articles will focus on the error and contradictions of atheists and their philosophy. To God be the Glory.

By : Obourba Asante Taado.