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Religion of Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Spiritualist threatens to expose juju Pastors in Ghana

To the congregants of most religious organizations in the country, their pastors or leaders are shepherding them well and providing them with the needed spiritual guidance but a Suhum-based spiritualist has a contrary view.

Torgbe Huntehunu Vigbedor alleges that most miracles performed by most Ghanaian pastors these days are not a manifestation of God’s handy work but voodoo powers from the underworld and has vowed to expose them.

The two decades practicing spiritualist who boasted of being a godfather for many notable pastors perceived as the most powerful men of God in the country, indicates that it is time to blow their cover for the country to know their true identity.

He is cautioning congregants of Churches to be wary of pastors who use items such as anointing water and oil, handkerchiefs among others; indicating that these persons are instructed to always chant certain incantations in the form of speaking tongues on the stated items which aids them in performing certain miracles.

Speaking on Koforidua-based Bryte FM, he expressed worry that, many of these pastors who seek spiritual direction from him to increase their ‘flock’ turn to pretend they are waging spiritual wars against spiritualists in the country just to cover up for their fake powers.

He threatened to blow the cover of such pastors especially those who visit him for supernatural powers.