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Religion of Tuesday, 27 December 2022


Prophecies that dominated 2021 December 31st night services

Bishop Salifu Amoako, Prophet Nigel Gaisie and Bishop Owusu Bempah play videoBishop Salifu Amoako, Prophet Nigel Gaisie and Bishop Owusu Bempah

Every year, Ghanaians anticipate December 31 watch night services held across churches. This is because it is known as the day some renowned prophets release tall lists of prophecies for the new year.

Many Ghanaians are always eager to hear what these prophets will predict for the coming year.

2022 was a bit different because the Ghana Police Service cautioned the Christian Council that prophets who caused fear and panic with their prophecies would be arrested. This reduced the number of revelations these men of God dished out to the public.

Despite all the cautioning, in 2022, three popular prophets, Bishop Salifu Amoako, Rev Owusu Bempah, and Prophet Nigel Gaisie topped the trends with their prophecies.

As 2022 comes to an end, GhanaWeb takes a look at the prophecies by some of these prophecies that dominated headlines.

Nigel Gaisie drops prophecies about ‘Umuofia’ with details from Ghana

Prophet Nigel adopted a strategy to deliver his prophecies about Ghana without directly referring to the country.

Right before delving into his prophecies, the controversial pastor issued a disclaimer saying his prophecies will be about a nation called Umuofia and not Ghana.

Strikingly, however, were the similarities between details about the nation of Umuofia and Ghana as disclosed in his prophecies.

Some Prophecies by Nigel Gaisie about Umuofia (Ghana)

“I saw a heavy cloud like the cloud of darkness covering the head of state of Umuofia. Let’s take this prophecy very seriously, I saw a cloud of darkness covering the head of state of Umuofia. I saw that his deputy is using mediums to trigger the quick passing away of the head of state. I saw in the realm of the spirit that the shoe of the big man is being worn by the deputy. I saw in the nation of Umuofia that something that has happened there is about to reoccur again,” he stated.

Prophet Nigel also warned of a terror attack in the nation of Umuofia. He warned that a pending explosive attack will occur in the nation of Umuofia and that the attack will be an external one with internal collaboration.

Without mincing words, Prophet Nigel said the Lord revealed to him that former President John Dramani Mahama will win power in 2024 but warned that the current government of “Umuofia” will do everything to subvert the ballot.

“The hand of the Lord rested upon me and carried me into the election of 2024 or 2025 in the nation of Umuofia, and the Lord told me to tell them, to tell the CND people they should forget about the Ashanti Region. They should focus more on the Northern region. Because the election will be determined by these two regions. I saw a flag with red and black taking dominance. But let the CND people focus more on the northern region.

“Again, the Lord carried me in the realm and said I should say. The Lord said if the CND people of Umuofia do not wake up they will use systems and the EC and the NIA to twist the agenda and the will of the people. So let the CND people be more vigilant.

He also predicted that 2022 will be a difficult year with a famine similar to that of 1983 likely to occur. On the works of parliament, Prophet Nigel said there is a conscious effort to reduce the minority seats and added that there will be a by-election.

He also gave several prophecies about the speaker of parliament, the NPP’s internal election, and the Greater Accra Regional Minister.

He added that the current Special Prosecutor will resign just like his predecessor but issued all the prophecies alluding to the nation of Umuofia.

List of Owusu Bempah’s coded prophecies

Leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International, Isaac Owusu Bempah, begged his congregation to accept a proverbial edition of prophecies during the 2021 Watch Night and Cross Over event at the church headquarters in Accra.

Whiles admitting that this year’s session may not have been enjoyable as previous years due to the manner of prophecies, he tasked them to accept it as such and pray about the issues to the best of their abilities.

GhanaWeb lists a number of the proverbial prophecies that Owusu Bempah delivered during the well-attended service that ended in the wee hours of January 1, 2022.

Prayer for Parliament

Owusu Bempah requested prayers for MPs because two persons holding candlesticks clashed causing their flames to be extinguished. “We need to remember Parliament in prayers, we will remember them in prayers,” he stated.

Escalating tribal conflict

Without giving specifics or mentioning in which region, the prophet said two tribes with serious disagreements were revealed to him and the spat became a public issue and military intervention was required.” The offshoot was not palatable so we need to pray about it,” he added.

Prayers for Asanteman

“I saw darkness over Asanteman, I will pray that God intervenes,” he stated.

Prayer for people living along the coast

“We will pray for people living along the coast. I saw a man who was in the shape of water and he had walked to places inhabited by people. When he was going back, he went along with some people from the living world.

“We will pray water does not invade people,” he added.

A religious leader who travelled and never returned

“I saw a religious leader travelling, when he went he stayed on and delayed for so long and I saw nothing more about him. Prayers must go on,” he stated.

A big musician to get into trouble

Owusu Bempah announced that big musicians must be remembered especially the very prominent and popular ones.

“I saw a popular musician who is well respected and largely followed, lose his hair and I saw his bare head. He lost all his hair. We will pray for prominent musicians,” he added.

Combative Kangaroos in security uniforms

“I also saw a kangaroo wearing military attire and another in police attire fighting and all trees around were in commotion. Trees were trying to intervene but it was impossible, even after a leader tried to intervene and it came down a bit.

"(Let us pray) if not, Kangaroo in military and police attire will clash," he stated.

Sleigh drawn by horses and donkeys crash

Owusu Bempah said he saw a sleigh with horses in lead. The eyes of the horses lights like car headlights. “I saw donkeys, horses and sleighs going at speed. The street before them rose and they entered a ditch. What emerged was bad.”

Encounter with silent destructive darkness

“I saw darkness walking and I asked where it was going and it discarded me. It refused to answer me, ‘darkness stop, what are you doing,’ it refused to respond.

“I saw darkness go and stand at a big house and cover it with its hands, whiles rising, I heard shouts and screams in the house all subsequent questions, it refused and left the land of the living. I didn’t see it again.”

In his closing remarks, he stated: “2022, if you walk well with God, you will be blessed. There will be marriage, which means the end time is almost here. The Bible says women will be given in marriage. Take good care of yourselves.”

Details of Elisha Salifu Amoako’s prophecies

During his first Sunday of 2022 service, the Founder and Leader of the Alive Chapel International, Archbishop-elect Elisha Salifu Amoako listed out some prophecies about the nations of the world.

He called for prayers to be made against a lot of deaths and major confusion.

Starting from the United States of America, right down to Ghana, the prophet told his congregation about how there have been major attacks initiated in the realms of the spirit against major personalities and groups of persons in the world.

“The angel of the Lord carried me into the nations, into the kingdoms. And the Lord said, in 2022, beginning from this month, the enemy has designed destruction and mind-boggling destruction against the world leaders. I’m talking about the present and the past. If we don’t pray for them, this year will be a year of major destructions.

“And the angel settled me in the United States and I saw a major death; a national one in the United States of America and the Lord said, ‘Son of Man, pray against this destruction against the world leaders,’ he said.

Archbishop-elect Salifu Amoako also spoke about what he said will be major deaths in India that will be occasioned by heavy rains, resulting in floods.

“And the angel settled me in the land of India. The Indian problem this year is going to be rain; rainfall will wipe away many lives. It will be heavy rainfall … with heavy floods that is destroying people. The Lord said I pray also for the nation of India,” he said.

In Africa, he began his prophecies from Nigeria, calling for prayers to be made for the pastors in the country because a wind of many deaths has been directed at them.

He also urged the actors in the country to take their prayer lives seriously otherwise they will be very surprised by the way people in the industry will die.

“Then He brought me to Africa and when I came to Africa, we settled in Nigeria. The Lord said, this year, certain high men of God need to pray in Nigeria because the enemy will kill some men of God; certain men of God, not only Nigeria too. Some men of God are going to die in Ghana; many men of God. You’d be surprised the way it’s going to happen. We need to pray.

“And I looked and I saw actors in Nigeria, and many of them, they have names, and the enemy attacked them and they started falling one after the other. The Lord says we should pray,” he said.

In Ghana, the prophet spoke to the media and the country’s lawmakers, stating that major attacks have been planned for them and that there is the need for prayers to be said for them, against all those evil.

Salifu Amoako also said that the two main political parties should be guided since a major confusion is likely to break out between them.

“Then when he brought me to Ghana, this year, all the media houses – the media houses, the media men, need to pray because they’ll be attacked and there’ll be a major occurrence of death in the sector of the media. The Lord said we should pray because the media will be attacked.

“Number two, in Ghana here, the Lord said we must pray for the parliamentarians because this year will be a year of political confusion. There will be a major confusion between NPP and NDC. I see a lot of confusion but the Lord said we should remember them in prayer,” he said

He also spoke about directly sending an information to a sitting president who needs foreknowledge on something that is to happen between now and February of 2023; prayer for the Queen of England; that a Christian will rise up to lead in Nigeria; confusion in Uganda in June; and for the former president of Cote d’Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo to be prayed for because there is a plan to poison him since the people want him back but people in power do not.

Archbishop-elect Salifu Amoako also spoke about the world’s economies getting better, adding that in 2022, Ghana’s economy will grow by 7%, among other things.