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Religion of Sunday, 2 December 2012

Source: Ghana-for-Peace

Oheneba Pk Urges all Ghanaian's to Pray for the Nation

Since Ghana’s 2012 election is just within few days to be drawn, Oheneba Pk
is urging all Ghanaian's all over the World to at least FAST from Thursday
until Voting is over on Friday, asking for the protection of God and His
Grace to maintain Peace and Love in our beloved country Ghana. Oheneba
continued to give credit to Ghana for being one of the most peaceful
Countries in the World and ascertained Ghanaian's keep it that way.
Politics should not take away any life because Life is precious to not just
humans but God the creator Himself, It should not divide us or separate us
in any way, form or shape because we love each other, It should not bring
hatred among ourselves, tribal wars, loss of lives, disparity or anything
that will differentiate us because we are not different from others by our
way of politics but rather our way of loving each other and maintaining
peace in our Homeland Ghana, Oheneba stated; All Ghanaian ought to go on
their knees and pray for this election to seek the presence of God
throughout the voting period and after voting as well. Oheneba Pk also
congratulated all the Musicians doing their best to preach Unity and Peace
in Ghana. He stated, Let us not leave everything to the pastors alone but
we should all play our part to make Ghana a better Ghana. Forward ever and
backwards never. We are made of Gold and not rust so we should be proud of
ourselves and our country Ghana. All the Presidential Candidates regardless
of their political parties and affiliation should be responsible in playing
a huge role in our Unity and Peace process in Ghana, Oheneba Pk stated;
Ghana is blessed and forever will be blessed. A Peace song; Ghana Mma feat.
Oheneba Pk, Getty and Friends, Rev. Anane, Eric Wilson, Paapa Tenkorang,
Mavis Triumph, and Vincy Boateng (Unity All Stars) directed by Rev. Anane
and produced by Eric Wilson of Blessings Studio in Manchester, Connecticut
is out for all Ghanaian's to enjoy. Peace forever.