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Religion of Monday, 11 July 2016


Fake Bible Colleges to blame for ‘juju pastors’

The founder and leader of Kingdom Living Bible Institute, Bishop Michael Odjobi Okyere has stated that the proliferation of unaccredited Bible Colleges in the country is to blame for the increasing number of charlatans parading themselves as pastors.

He observed that most of these pastors who attend such institutions tend to be pursuing their clandestine interest of wealth acquisition to the detriment of the word of God because most Ghanaians are gullible when it has to do with religion, and therefore they allow themselves to be remote-controlled by them.

“Because these pastors come out from such institutions lacking God’s Spirit and fear, they start giving misdirection of faith. They rather go for “Juju” and finally put fear in the church members, tricking them and taking huge loots from the blameless ones in the church,” Bishop Okyere indicated.

He proposed for Theological schools in the country to adhere to strict code of conducts to help resolve these badly-behaved preachers adding that some of them are learning languages like Greek, Latin, Hebrew and others which may not be of any relevance to the “Kingdom business”.

“Instead of these various Bible colleges teaching people to know the Supernatural being and what God has placed in them, they rather beat about the bush and impart no spiritual knowledge

He advised that men of God stopped putting the faith of their church members in water, stickers, wristbands and all kinds of oil.

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