Religion of Friday, 11 January 2013

Source: GNA

Bible Society of Ghana holds Bible week seminar

The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) on Thursday held a Bible week seminar to brief its members on the programmes and activities for the year.

Mr Nathaniel Nunoo, Manager in charge of Church Relations for BSG said the Bible week has been celebrated in the country since 1968 to thank God for the availability of the Bible and draw attention to the centrality of the word of God.

Mr Nunoo added that the Bible week is celebrated to promote unity in diversity among churches, discuss the relevance of the scriptures and raise funds to support the operations of the society.

He said the Bible week is celebrated in the first or second week of February in each year in partnership with Churches spearheaded by the Local Council of Churches.

The theme for this year’s week is: “The Bible and National Cohesion.”

The Society has produced 100,000 copies of Bibles in English, 60,000 copies in Asante, 25,000 in Ewe, 20,000 in Akuapem, 15,000 copies in Ga and 30,000 copies in Fante, Dangme, Nzema, Dagbani and Esahie.

Reverend Erasmus Odonkor, General Secretary of BSG said the theme for the celebration was timely because God is the one who enables true cohesion to take place.

He said God expects nations to depend on Him for cohesion.

Rev Odonkor said national cohesion calls for integrity and respect for human rights, diligent and concerted efforts even in the face of obstacles.

He said Christians are expected to pray for national cohesion and to contribute their quota to achieve the objective, while national leaders should also avoid actions that would threaten national integration.

The BSG is a non-denominational Christian organisation with voluntary membership from Christians affiliated to the United Bible Societies which translate, publish and distribute Bibles at affordable prices.