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Terry BonChaka Terry Bonchaka (born Terry Adjetey) was the grandson of Parliament speaker Peter Ala Adjetey and graduate from Adisadel College.

Musically Terry was always aware of his gifts, however it was not till later in life that he decided to embark on the journey of becoming a professional musician. Terry's big break came when he entered the Miss Ghana hiplife amateur competition and won in the regionals before taking home the title of Hiplife champ 2001 in the final round.

Terry's first place win in the Miss Ghana music competition, along with his featured place in Joy FM Night with the Stars concert shot him to the top of the hiplife scene.

Terry was an interesting man who counted the American artist Stevie Wonder among his influences. Always a proud Ghanan Terry Bonchaka was happy to promote the history and pride of the Ghanan people.

Sadly Terry died in a car crash on the way home from a performance before he reached the height of his success. He was still a new driver and lost control of his car before slamming it in to a tree.