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Mr. Emmanuel Pappoe-Thompson (Wrote The Lyrics Of The First National Anthem )

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Other NamesMr. Emmanuel
Date of Birth1906-00-00
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(1906 - 1992)
On March 6th, 1957, before a crowd of over 100,000 at the Old polo Grounds, the Ghana National Anthem was officially played for the first time. The Author of these new lyrics was Mr. Emmanuel Pappoe-Thompson, an Educationist and renowned musician. A few line of the Anthem was contributed by Mr. Tettey Lartey. This was written by a literary committee commissioned by the new Government. After the country's attainment of a Republic status in 1960, invitations went out again for new lyrics for the Anthem to reflect the new status. The challenge to nation's musicologist and educationists alike was welcomed with patroitic zeal and numerous submissions were made. A new piece of lyrics was then adopted and since became the National