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Health News of Friday, 15 July 2016


Lifestyle: Have more fun with your condoms

Condoms are among the best ways to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and protect against unwanted pregnancy, but they often carry a stigma that can make some hesitant to use them.

Whether people are afraid they’ll put on a condom incorrectly or feel too embarrassed to buy them, there are ways to overcome the feelings they may have concerning these prophylactics. If you’re less than comfortable with condoms, here are a few tips to help you get past your hang-ups.

Buying condoms doesn’t have to be embarrassing

The act of purchasing condoms can often make people blush, but they don’t have to feel ashamed of their purchase. Thanks to the technology of self-checkout registers at grocery stores, pharmacies and other retailers, no one but you has to know you’re even buying condoms next time you go to the store. However, if you blush when you even pass the condom display at the store, you can purchase condoms online from the privacy of your own home. You can even go bold and buy pleasure condoms like the LifeStyles® TURBO® Condoms to turn up the heat without letting anyone else in on your dirty little secret.

Practice makes perfect

If you’re nervous that you won’t know how to put a condom on the next time you’re between the sheets with your lover, it’s a good idea to practice beforehand. Guys can practice on themselves, and gals can grab something phallic – a banana or another seductively shaped fruit will do. Roll condoms onto whatever you’re using to practice until you feel comfortable handling them properly.

Ladies, a fun trick to work on once you get a hang of getting condoms on can be to learn how to put one without using your hands. Your guy is sure to be beyond thrilled with your newfound skills, and you won’t even mind the taste if you do so with flavored condoms.

Get a little goofy

A great way to shake off those awkward feelings you might have toward condoms is to stop viewing them as alien and start seeing them differently. A fun pastime can be to blow up condoms like balloons. This is especially great as decor for a bachelor/bachelorette party, and can also be fun to do with your lover.

Playing with condoms together is a good way to get comfortable with the idea of having them around when your playtime takes a naughty turn. Just make sure that you have plenty of extras, as once you blow up a condom, you certainly cannot use it for its original purpose.

Remember, even if you still don’t feel at ease using condoms, it’s important to do so every time you have sex to keep yourself and your partners safe. The awkward feeling of having trouble opening a condom wrapper or putting one on is nothing compared to having to visit a clinic to get treated for an STD or calling your partner to share the bad news.