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A beginner's guide to playing handball

Handball is played by 14 players, 7 on each side Handball is played by 14 players, 7 on each side

Handball is a sport known all over the world. It is fun, requires a fit body, a strong mind, agility, and speed. Therefore, this list of things can easily scare off a starter, although the game itself is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, the main goal of the game is to score goals, while passing the ball to each other with your hands.

So, did something spark your interest in handball and you’d like to see yourself being a top choice on a handball betting site such as ? Don’t worry, there’s a beginning to everything, so here are some basics to keep in mind when you join the handball world.

1. You Have to Work as a Team

Handball is a game where two teams of players are doing their best to score goals and win within the two 30-minute rounds. Given the time is short enough as it is, you can’t take risks, so don’t try to do everything yourself. Work with your team, as it will only be in your advantage.

2. Learn the Playing Positions

Each team consists of 14 players, while half of them are on the pitch at any time. The positions players can take in a team are circle runner, left and right wingers, left and right backs, center, goalkeeper and substitutes. All of them play specific roles in the team, and you must learn about each one of them, especially about the one you intend to take when you get into handball.

3. Practice

A no-brainer, but you won’t be able to engage in professional matches until you become a pro at the game too, and that’s obtained through a lot of practice. Skill is earned through dedication and hard work, so don’t expect to embrace procrastination and magically start winning all your matches. Practice whenever you have the time.

4. Don’t Lose Focus

If there’s one thing you should definitely never forget, that is to never relax during a match. Because of the short time during which the game unfolds, a simple moment of relaxation may cost you the victory of the team. So, focusing all the time is crucial.

Do you want people to eagerly check handball betting odds in order to place bets on you? Then definitely learn the basics in this quick guide, and you have great potential to improve.

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