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Ghana performing better with coronavirus management, mathematical facts, figures and analysis

Comment: COVID -19

Nana Yaw
2020-07-01 10:38:56
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Ghana performing better with coronavirus managemen

the WHO and all those who applaud the government fantastic achievement so far are do not have any party affiliation to the government, they are people who will stand for any good cause around the world in this case the ghana and the government competed achievement of the COVID -19 so far, just that sometimes we are short sighted and we dont appreciate our own achievement, because of jealousy, incompetent, uneducated, useless political views, selfishness and many more, whatever you judge it, history will tell
the achievement of this governement on the COVID 19 and OTHER things will always praised by free thinking and liberals who wants the best for our poeple, who believe in eradication of diseases and poverty,

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07-01 07:30
Nana Yaw
07-01 10:38