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Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....

Comment: RE: Relax.....Adofo

Kwaku Agyei
2005-09-21 09:59:25
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RE: Relax.....Adofo

Kwame D, you should understand crystal clear that, today or tomorrow, should there be one Bren Machine gun start to cry, you will be the first person to go and hide behind your mother's coal pot.

If you are a man with two 'gbeewa' or blorgoos' I am sounding it solemnly in your ears today that, get yourself sorted out and be ready because it will not be too long some one from Odartey-Wellington's family, Bob Kotei's family and Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwah's family will rise up and set up a return match against your Rawlings, OK!!!!!.

Stand by.

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09-21 02:24
RE: Relax.....Adofo
Kwaku Agyei
09-21 09:59