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Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....

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Kwame D.
2005-09-21 03:54:36
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Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....


I have always clearly identified myself as a Jerry-die-hard.

Please take this assurance, that no coup d' tat in Ghana will ever be master-minded by JJR. JJR will not stage any coup. What we the die-hards join him day-in and day-out is to 'KA NA WU', that is, say it and die.

Please take note that draining out the blood in every Ghanaian and filling it with new blood; and every Ghanaian having a heart transplant will not change our way of doing things.

We all say, no coups. Else, believe me, it would have been long time ago.

Adofo, rest assured, that COUP D' TAT is completely out. But just incase someone, for instance, attempts a weapon on JJR, no elite commando or Israel-trained mercenaries can withstand the volcanic action that will erupt. Ghana might not exist on the map of West Africa anymore....

Demo-Crazy a ne koo. Ka na wu. Brother, let your mind rest. Forget about coup.

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09-21 02:24
RE: Relax.....Adofo
Kwame D.
09-21 03:54