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I’m solidly behind you – Bagbin assures Akufo-Addo

Comment: Nana Excavator Addo

2020-02-06 01:09:45
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I’m solidly behind you – Bagbin assures Akufo-

Akuffo Addo is the most corrupt president in the history of Ghana. He came to steal and destroy. He masterminded the BOST SAGA, AMERI DEAL, NYANTAKYI'S POCKET, KEN BOND, CASH FOR SEAT, AUTRALIA VISA SCANDAL, KELNI GVG, LOTTO SCANDAL, CONTRACT FOR SALE, WEBSITE SAGA, OSLO GATE,GHANA POST SCANDAL,FAMILY AND FRIENDS PDS SCANDAL, FLYING EXCAVATORS, FLYING TRICYCLES ETC. There is so much that could not be mentioned here. In fact the man is an embodiment of corruption. And seeing how fast he has lost the goodwill of Ghanaians he wants to use the EC to rig the election which will never happen because it has been decreed that he and the NPP ARE losing this year, 2020, elections in Ghana.

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Hadassah Owusu
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