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What Should Be The Qualifications Of Our Next President


2005-11-25 10:55:40
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What Should Be The Qualifications Of Our Next Pres

I write in support of your article on the above heading and wish to join issues with you. I agree perfectly with your view that Ghana needs a president who himself is a visionary and above all is compassionate to the plight of our poor and rural folks. Compassionate in Bill Clinton's words an ability to feel or being in the shoes of the citizens. Unfortunately, in Ghana, there are certain groups of people in our two most succeessful political parties i.e NDC,NPP who believe they have been aruond for a long time and so deserve to be elected president.Such persons feel it is their legitimate right to ascend the throne of our country, Ghana.They always use all sort of means to bully people they percieve 'fresh'out of the race so they can entrench themselves.They are known in Ghanaian parlance as MBA'S literally meaning in akan, "meba ha akye". I hombly encourage the likes of DR KOFI BOBI BARIMAH, BLESS BERCHIE, DR ARTHUR KENNEDY, prof. STEPHEN ASARE AND PROF. GEORGE AYYITEY not to give up but rather move on with their ideas they have acquired in helping Ghana. Sirs, they will give you names like too known,loud mouthed and what has he done for Ghana? Most local and semi-literate Ghanaians believe you can only contribute to the development of Ghana only when you are physically present in Ghana.Keep on doing your best for the nation for some of us will help you turn our economy around with all our strength. For those who believe they have been around for a long time and so it is their legitimate right to be elected presidents, my message is BEING ARUOND FOR A LONG TIME DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE PREPARED ENOUGH TO BE ELECTED PRESIDENTS.FINALLY, The fact that some people have been in parliament for 3 times or appointed ministers of state does not automatically make them good and effective presidents.Nelson Mandella never went to parliament but is touted as one of the best presidents AFRICA has ever had.

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