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What Should Be The Qualifications Of Our Next President

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Kofi Sintim-Aboagye
2005-06-13 20:53:29
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RE: What Should Be The Qualifications Of Our Next

The best qualification to be President or run for an elected office in Ghana is nothing but..........WISDOM and VISION........of course an educated person as well.

The most important desired factor is the "people" given responsibilities to do his/her bidding in running the nation. These hired "guns" should be men/women of honorable valor.

JFK had the best and brightest, Reagan was a man of unflattering intellectual acumen, yet among the most popular American Presidents.

Baah-Wiredu is a fine cabinet officer at finance, and John Mahamah is another man of vision on the other side of the isle. Though, these two gentlemen might not possess the usual....... DR, DR, PHD, but if given the chance to run the country could really pursue a fine agenda for nation building.

Ghanaians in diaspora should be careful not to offend those holding the fort home through difficult times with words like "remnants". We should always remember and don't expect to bulldoze our way over them with our so-called "overseas knowledge"; a lot of them are intellectually wealthy, thus their advice and wisdom should not be taken with a grain of salt.

Therefore, with our basic diversified cultural norms as our guide, we should be able to inject different acquired mode of accelerating ways of doing things. Accomondation of such cohesiveness will propel Ghana into the next frontier.

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06-13 07:38
RE: What Should Be The Qualifications Of Our Next
Kofi Sintim-Aboagye
06-13 20:53