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Rawlings Was Right Suggesting "Nana Antoa Nyamaa" Shrine

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2005-06-13 16:56:58
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RE: Rawlings Was Right Suggesting

I do not think Christianity brought us the woes you talk about here. It is our evil thoughts and knowing that the Almighty is long suffering and forgiving that we continue in our sinful ways but we will give accounts of our life.

The African gods are on the other hand are not long suffering and will give swift judgment, that is true. Sometimes the judgment can even be instantaneous. I will not advocate visiting these gods but I am sure if the leaders were to take an oath of truthfulness before taking office they will think twice before they deceive the nation, for they will not be alive or sane to continue to be untruthful. There are few places and few African gods besides the one JJR referred to that will be very swift with some of these leaders. Lie detectors are becoming common in the USA so why not put the leaders before the African gods?

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RE: Rawlings Was Right Suggesting
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