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Rawlings Was Right Suggesting "Nana Antoa Nyamaa" Shrine

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2005-06-13 06:59:01
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RE: Rawlings Was Right Suggesting

Sakofa from your response, I can see you are a christian who will want to defend christianity no matter what. I am a christian and is nauseated over things going on in our country. Sometimes it is insulting being a ghanaian and an african for that matter because of the kind of leaders we have. Nationalists like Nkrumah and Mugabe of Zimbabwe were and are being seen as enemies of democracy. As Africans they thought and are teaching us to fight for our liberation because of that, they are unpopular with the western world.

Ask yourself what has christianity brought to us? Exploitation, slavery, dependence on the whiteman etc. Our leaders swear on the bible and do the wrong things and go free. But ask any africanist, that cannot happen in any shrine. I am not an advocate for shrines. If Rockson is recommending our leaders to swear at the shrine, he is just bringing to light a more effective means of binging our leaders to book.

Christianity teaches us to love our neighbours, enemies and tolerate people with opposing views, Sankofa, ask yourself are christians abiding by these principles? Even from the tone of your contribution, you can be described as one who is not tolerant to opposing views.

The bible teaches us to respect people in authority, elders etc., not to judge them and that God is the one who will judge the quick and the dead. Sankofa, what does your bible tell you? Don't you think, you are going against the dictates of the bible by being judgemental even though you portray yourself as the "active" christian? You call Rawlings shameless, Sankofa as a christian, don't you think you are the shameless?

Nice Day.

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RE: Rawlings Was Right Suggesting
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