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Rawlings Was Right Suggesting "Nana Antoa Nyamaa" Shrine

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2005-06-12 09:18:34
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Rawlings Was Right Suggesting "Nana Antoa Nyamaa"

It's alright for anyone to advocate the use of traditional religion, afterall it's a free world. What I fail to understand is why people like Rockson and co choose to dump on Christianity. Is that the only 'foreign' concept we have adopted in place of our own traditional things? Of course not! Today we get all emotional about parliamentary democracy, formal education and seek one-up-manship against our compatriots in hoarding wealth. I'm yet to hear Rockson or anyone for that matter railing against these things. But of course, it has to be Christianity because that is the one truth challenging our beliefs. People seem to suggest Christianity makes us docile etc. On the contrary, anyone who studies the word of God (as in the Bible) - instead of being dictated to by self-seeking pulpit-huggers - is aware that we are empowered rather than trampled. Of course, shameless opportunists like Rawlings and his ilk would seek to play on our ignorance and sense of tradition when it suits them. Yet at some other opportune times, he claims to be a catholic. I have news for him, nobody can be both a Christian and a follower of traditional religion. Rockson and people like him who seek to perpetuate the myth that Christianity is not for us should understand that religion is first and foremost a matter of choice but also essentially it is a matter of life and death!

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RE: Rawlings Was Right Suggesting
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