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Rawlings Was Right Suggesting "Nana Antoa Nyamaa" Shrine

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2005-06-12 00:24:21
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thankx yum. these wee smokers want to mix apples with oranges. even in our traditional courts you cannot claim innocence by just stating the "anto nyaman" oath. wise people believe in the facts of the matter and not this nonesense this adofo is trying to get across. while it is a fact that there are many mushroom churches in ghana and africa in general, the root causes of our woes are not only the churches. the entire black race have sold our souls to the europeans and as a result are lost for ever. sometimes i argue with myself that if the catholics who came to ghana had revealed to us that their priests, who claim not to marry, are child rapists and gays, would we have followed them so blindly?

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