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Can’t blame Nigeria!

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2019-11-09 15:17:51
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Can’t blame Nigeria!

Abeg make Nigeria drop the stupid big brother shit. We should come out of the useless ECOWAS because all the countries in the sub region are liability to us. I just read on Sahara reporters where the Nigeria minster of Power stated that Nigeria continue to tolerate losses from supply of electricity to Benin, Togo and Niger, and also incurred dept from its supply of gas to several West African states on the sub-region gas pipeline company, we all know for a fact that Ghana is one of the debtors, and their citizens with the tacit support of their politicians hated us ,calling us all sort of names, whereby we are subsidising their so called economic growth. Nigeria should just forget about these leeching countries, and go solo. Abeg make those useless debtor countries pay up, because they forgot they are owing us, but are quick to call us failed state ,but you are indebted to a failed state, what does that says about you?

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