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A culture, not safe for girls

Comment: Perhaps, but I am still doubtful

2019-10-31 13:42:00
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That's her style of writing articles

Peter, I've also been reading her articles but I don't seem to note her writing on 2-pronged topics between which the reader cannot see a connection.

I find it difficult to see a connection between the two topics. The minor topic should be somehow related to the major topic even if it is a far-fetched relationship. But they look detached!

I have looked at the original article on Graphic online and it is as posted here by ghanaweb. It is strange.

I have also seen a version being shared on whatsapp and it doesn't have the last bit about Airport and Aburi...

Elizabeth writes well, but she too can do something strange and the editor will be too scared to correct her because she's the senior with tons of experience.

If I had a link with her, I would write to ask if it was her intention...

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10-31 10:02
Perhaps, but I am still doubtful
10-31 13:42