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Ghana signs 6-nation visa waiver for diplomatic & ordinary passports users

Comment: @owusu James is right.

2019-10-28 18:31:46
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Re: This is a foolish policy

Visa free agreements with Columbia and India is not desired.We do not have any tangible trade or cultural ties with Columbia to make this useful.Columbia's internal security and illegal drugs industry could turn Ghana into a transit point as they have done to other nations.Also Columbia is not a progressive nation that welcomes Black people.Those who do not know must do a little research into how they have treated and excluded Afro Columbians from their economy and politics.Same with India.Many experts have graded India and Indians as one of the most intolerant people in the world today.Their caste system makes it such that even their own citizens of darker complexion have been pushed aside.Everytime you turn around there is a video of Indians lynching,gang raping,attacking or being verbally abusive to Africans.The last one I saw happened just days ago on an Indian train where an African woman is mistreated by a gang of well dressed Indian men.These are people who have murdered people because they suspected them of eating beef.They are not people we want to be close to.I also think the government must reexamine our relationship with Iran.We do not support their posture towards Israel and must make that point very clear.

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10-28 06:35
@owusu James is right.
10-28 18:31