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Akufo-Addo put your foot down! Some of your appointees want to take you into opposition

Comment: Ghana is a failled State

2019-08-28 04:14:43
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Akufo-Addo put your foot down! Some of your appoin

The current govt gave hope to the masses by campaigning against corruption when the previous govt legitimized it. Unfortunately, the current NPP govt won power by deception, the Attorney General who should be championing fight against corruption is "fast asleep " or incompetent. Not a single person in the previous administration indicted in the fight against corruption yet Ghanaians were made to believe NDC was corrupt. Mr. President, my question is where are the corrupt NDC and Public workers?
NPP is a big failure. My fellow Ghanaians, look for alternative form of governance, there is no hope in the current democracy in place, both NDC and NPP are association of educated criminals calling themselves 'HONORABLES'

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08-28 02:52
Ghana is a failled State
08-28 04:14