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Gyan’s Black Stars adventure – A confusing debacle that could have been avoided

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K. Boamah, Canada
2019-05-23 16:43:42
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Gyan’s Black Stars adventure – A confusing deb

I agree with you Mr. President Promise. This is not a balanced opinion at all. To you, because Kwasi Appiah did not approach the situation like those Germans did, he's at fault. Look, everything that has a beginning has an end. Gyan is not going to be a black star player, let alone the captain for life. Very typical of Africans! We want to be presidents for life and so we'll make all the constitutional amendments, by whatever means, to accomplish that!
Need I say, the Captainship is not Gyan or anyone's birthright or exclusive prerogative, if I may say!
As you rightly pointed out Appiah's job is on the line, depending on the outcome of the tournament, not Gyan's job or captaincy!
Gyan's behavior was very childish to say the least. Mr. Appiah communicated his decision to Gyan before going public, What else did you want him to do? Go to Turkey and talk to Gyan? Come on! Are you buying him a ticket to do so?
People like you make it sound as if Mr. Appiah was trying to strip Gyan of what is his inalienable right or his birthright.

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05-23 12:15
Re: Gyan’s Black Stars adventure – A confusing deb
K. Boamah, Canada
05-23 16:43