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Laurent Gbagbo deserves a special settlement

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2019-01-16 11:48:41
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Laurent Gbagbo deserves a special settlement

THIS IS injustice and very shameful to icc since all the available fact they claimed they had proved futile to jail Laurent forever. i said this from the beginning that the arrest of president was manipulated by the former colonial master that had interest in cote d ivoire wealth this prove ICC is nothing to write home about just an institution to fustrate Africa. The blame is AU which is white elephant. It is indeed sad that in this 21st century the west still control Africa.Africa stood aloof to his pan-africanist Gaddafi to be killed in his country.
AU must be dissolved because nothing good has come from this union.Hague should also arrest Allasane after his tenure as president and his accomplice Soro Guillaume.

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