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Kofi Adams, why won’t discerning Ghanaians panic over Mahama’s comeback?

Comment: K Boadu

Aziz Bondali
2018-08-28 00:38:34
Comment to:
Kofi Adams, why won’t discerning Ghanaians panic

Mr Boadu, you chose to be bias in your write up. Please answer these questions for me.
1.What has happened to the 2.25 bond issued by finance minister.
2. The sale of contaminated fuel
3 The Bawumia GPS saga
4 The double rent saga in which the current Speaker of Parliament was involved
5.The 800million CEDI's just for furnishing
The 950 million saga
6 The buying of 275 buses by Blay for votes
7 The misled Ameri deal
8 Smuggling of fuel at the borders
9 What is the current debt owed to Ghana and what was the debt theformer Prez Mahama handed to the current administration
All these just in one and a half year.
Whether you like it or not Mahama will contest if you don't like it you called drink DDT and die.

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08-27 05:09
K Boadu
Aziz Bondali
08-28 00:38