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Kofi Adams, why won’t discerning Ghanaians panic over Mahama’s comeback?

Comment: Thieves Prophet

Writer Glamou
2018-08-27 11:25:11
Comment to:
Kofi Adams, why won’t discerning Ghanaians panic

No wonder you have energy and time to sit by any medium to take my time to this usually inform. By the way, you are a trait liar, just like Bawumia. Never the less, NPP and Mahama Critics are now being hunting by the lies of WAMFA boy Opaana the 2nd.
Try this your lies else where in the eastern world and if you not throw into Prison, Change my name.
Bawumia commission a Bank which has just being consolidated a year later, what a performs,
If John Mahama is not Good for Ghanaian Nana Addo and Bawumia is Abysmal

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08-27 05:09
Thieves Prophet
Writer Glamou
08-27 11:25