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Kofi Annan to be buried in Ghana – Family

Comment: clean Accra before burial

Afua Dufie
2018-08-23 15:09:53
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Kofi Annan to be buried in Ghana – Family

Please please there will be several dignitaries arriving to pay their respect. Accra is too DIRTY and it will be an embarrassment to show the capital like that. PLEASE SANITATION MINISTER, ENFORCE WHATEVER LAWS TO CLEAN ACCRA - Oh ad3n, efi no dooso dodo. It is embarrassing and disgraceful to even invite our foreign friends to Ghana. PLEASE CLEAN THE STREETS AND GET RID OF THE LITTER AND EYESORE GARBAGE!!! OH GHANA - WHAT HAPPENED TO CLEANLINESS!!! HABA!!!!!

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08-23 13:09
clean Accra before burial
Afua Dufie
08-23 15:09