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What kind of people are we?

Comment: Take God out of our negativity

Tetteh Asagba
2018-08-19 06:50:30
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Re: What kind of people are we?

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG TO THINK AND BELIEVE THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN GHANA IS SPIRITUAL. The blame lies squarely on the head of the political, cultural and civil leadership we have in the country right now. Instead of seeing to the proper development of the country, they are involved in corruption and disobedience. The ordinary Ghanaian sees what is going on and all they are doing is foolishly following the actions of our supposedly leaders. there are countries all around the world doing wore things than Ghanaians by God's standards but their citizens are not as corrupt and undisciplined as Ghanaians.

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08-19 03:54
Take God out of our negativity
Tetteh Asagba
08-19 06:50