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Ministerial reshuffling: Akufo-Addo banks on administrative experience to protect polls

Comment: Yeah, that is right but.....

2018-08-10 02:43:30
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Re: Ministerial reshuffling: Akufo-Addo banks on a

Ghanaians are also learning and becoming aware of the political parties running the affairs of the country. A political party that ushers in social programs is the one that has the people at heart and not the one that just want to win power.

Since the fourth republic, it is only NPP that had come out with some social programs. Under Kufuor, Ghana had the NHIS. Just to name that one. Under Mills and Mahama, what social program did they come out to help Ghanaians? Name one.

Nana too is gradually instituting free SHS. Despite the hurdles it is facing, is it a huge social program helping every Ghanaian and not only the poor or average but all and sundry. So, as a layman, which of these two political party has Ghanaians at heart?

I think anyone will point to NPP because the writing is clearly on the wall for all to see and with that, their chances of winning the next election is higher than NDC that is only thinking about winning and nothing else.

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Yeah, that is right but.....
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