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Mahama did far better than incompetent NPP government is doing - Betty Mould-Iddrisu

Comment: Seth Terkpeh not Baumia

2018-07-31 09:36:05
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Mahama did far better than incompetent NPP governm

And Seth Terkper was a good Finance Minister. NDC left office at the end of 2016. NPP took office in 2017. How can the improvement of Ghana economy in 2017, in fact the first half of 2017, be attributed to the new government? All economic development, both positive and negetative, in 2017 are the result of policies taken in 2015/2016. In economics policy we talk of short, medium and long term. So what short term measures did Ken put in place to get fantastic results in 2017? I don't know why Adongo can't bring this out to Ghanaians. If NDC had retained power we would still have had this economic improvement if not better. It is all because of Seth Terkpeh's Home Grown Policies, JM's gas drive and other measures that we are seing these good figures today. JM fixed the power crisis in 2016 and that's how come we have positive growth in industry, employment, and all other sectors. Give the credit to Seth Terkpe, late Emissah Arthur and JM not Bawumia and Ken

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07-30 16:03
Seth Terkpeh not Baumia
07-31 09:36