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Mahama did far better than incompetent NPP government is doing - Betty Mould-Iddrisu

Comment: Mahama did far better - Betty Mould-Iddr

2018-07-30 20:07:15
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Mahama did far better than incompetent NPP governm

This woman is not thinking straight. She is comparing Applers against oranges. How can one compare Mahama 8 years of doing to Akuffo Addo 2 years of doing. Better yet comparing inche for inches, Nana Addo has by far done more with the short time in office. As usual humbeings are very ungrateful, and specially black as a whole. With all thoe people Nana Addo has put to work, not to talk about Nurses, allowances, restoring or rectifying pensions none of these people are speaking in praioses of the man, Nana Addo. Yet cvoming Sunday, you will see the same people who have not see GOD shouting praises to GOD. No wonder why sometimes we Christians or worshipers think GOD has ignore us. Remember if we as people praises people for things they do for us, GOD do appreciate it, because the bible says "As you have done for your brother, thy has done for me(GOD) also".

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07-30 16:03
Mahama did far better - Betty Mould-Iddr
07-30 20:07