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Mahama did far better than incompetent NPP government is doing - Betty Mould-Iddrisu

Comment: REALLY, Mahama did better?

2018-07-30 16:47:00
Comment to:
Mahama did far better than incompetent NPP governm

Betty do you really know what you are talking about? If Mahama did better we will not be in this mess 2 years after he left Office. Mahama's incompetence is beyond measure, NDC has really destroyed the hopes of everyone especially the youth in Ghana. NDC was a mess when they were in power and almost 2 years that they left the country to competent people to run the affairs of the country, they are still a mess because NPP is cleaning up most of their mess.

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07-30 16:03
REALLY, Mahama did better?
07-30 16:47