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Krachi-West Hospital gets equipment from First Lady

Comment: Who Finances?

2018-07-25 21:42:57
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Re: Krachi-West Hospital gets equipment from First

Through her foundation she receives donations across the board, ie from the common man's 5GHC to $$$$ millions coming from international bodies. As long as the foundation is verifiable, because of the surname which is that of the president's she can rake in big time from wealthy kings, sheikhs, sultans, and entrepreneurs across the globe. All she would probably need is to request using her authentic letterhead.
She will control the $$$$ millions coming into the funds and do whatever she pleases with them. The icing is that unlike previous 1st ladies she will not find it necessary to dip into government assets, contracts or deals to pad her pocket. By so doing, nobody will ever have any cause or evidence to malign the president of malfeasance because of her private activities. So, you can say she is legitimately milking the name for all it's worth.

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Who Finances?
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